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5 yr old Party Food Ideas.... Go...

Combo of adults and 5yr olds attending (30ish). 2-4pm car theme party. Want it to look kinda healthy (cake will be the chocolatey and sweet). So far I've got mini sausage rolls....


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OP here – seriously happy I posted this question, such great ideas everyone and writing them down as we speak.... to all that contributed I send you a virtual party favour bag filled with a bottle of Penfolds Grange, Leonardo Dicaprio, a massage everyday for a year and a good night’s sleep. Ta!

Its a party. Go fu****g crazy! Don't worry about healthy 😂

In my experience with kids parties, , not a lot gets eaten. Kids want to play. So focus on the entertainment.

Food ideas, I think a mix of your standard party food and more healthy options would be fine. It’s a party. It doesn’t need to be all healthy.

Fruit platter
Sandwich triangles
Homemade pizza
Fairy bread
Potato chips

 Your bang on. Kids don't give a shit whats on the table. Throw out a few bags of chips and some bowls of lollies and they'll the raging for hours. I personally wouldn't be having over 30 people for a 5 year olds party but that's just me. If I lived in a city I would just go to one of those kids play centres and buy a small package - no entertainment needed, no clean up and probably cost about the same. Then you can just leave whenever you want.
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Google 'teddy bear racing cars' for a car themed party. Cute & easy to make. Other than that, platters of fruit or veg/crackers/dip & maybe some mini sausage rolls etc.

I also search for free printable themed invites & decorations. Amazing what you can find. I can't bear paying a lot for single use decorations. They can also be recycled as well.

I know they are not desperately healthy, but the cocktail franks at coles (deli) are gluten and dairy free.
Easy way to cover people with allergies.

 Well that’s actually great as allergies and food can make it difficult to host parties and have enough options. Will remember that thanks :)
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I do a big fruit platter that always gets smashed thena sausage sizzle. No “treats” on the table then the piñata is full of chocolate and lollies

 That's what I did for my sons 4th birthday. Much easier and only a little bit of prep work for me
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 It's super easy (and effective) do do a fruit platter in the shape of a rainbow too. The kids love it!
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 Lol original comment here yes I do a rainbow the kids love it, and by only putting that out it actually gets eaten so I don’t waste it, they usually end up with a handful of treats from the piñata and a cake which I think is a nice amount, doesn’t send kids home nutty.
Everyone loves a sausage sizzle so everyone goes home full. I never have anything left over, it all gets eaten!
My kids birthdays are in summer though and they always have pool parties.
But I end up spending about $150 all up to have about 20 kids and 20 adults. (Food decorations and piñata) And they all get fed well and have an awesome time. I really look forward to my kids parties lol. Oh actually maybe sometimes I send a bit more depending on the cake they ask for but I decorate their cakes sometime it’s simple other times require more fondant. I use the sponge cakes from coles lol. Cake usually costs between $20-$30 but my cakes are are big hits lol
We bring down our water filters so the kids all just drink water.

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Fruit platter, even veg platter with dips, those mini red frankfurters with sauce, sausage rolls mini pies Even just a cheap pizza cut into squares

 The dr oetker margarita pizzas are amazing and can get them while half price and only take 10 mins in oven
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Considering it's not lunch or dinner, I wouldn't go overboard with food. Probably more for the adults. A fruit platter, dip and crackers/veggie sticks, and some little nibbles from the oven like mini sausage rolls/pies/quiches.

Mini quiches, party pies, homemade sausage rolls packed with veggies (make ahead and freeze), cheese platter with assortment of cheeses for kids and adults, dips, crackers plus veggie sticks for dipping and a fruit platter. All the fruit and veggies can be prepared the day before and all you need to do is pull them out of the fridge and chuck them on a plate.
mixed sandwich platter.
You could do fruit skewers to look like traffic lights, with red, orange and green coloured fruits (or veggies), eg watermelon, rockmelon and honeydew. Or cherry tomatoes, yellow capsicum, cucumber.