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Pe's and dvt clots & pregnancy

I have been diagnosed with pe's and DVT. Blood clots in my leg and both lungs. My husband and I were planning baby number 4 later this year, but when you have blood clots once they are likely to return! I'm worried about another pregnancy. My last pregnancy I lost 2 and half liters of blood so adding clots to that scares the hell out of me.

Has anyone had pes and DVT and then had a baby??


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What's PE please?

 Pulmonary embolism (clots in lungs).

It can also stand for preeclampsia in pregnancy notes but.

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Hi OP.

How scary for you! I had a very large DVT with my first pregnancy, but no PE's.

I saw a haemotologist during my pregnancy and was tested for blood clotting disorders a few months after my child was born. Did you go through the same process?

For me, there was no reason why I got a DVT, it was just bcoz I was pregnant.

I went on to have 3 healthy children afterwards BUT I did need to have daily clexane injections from the time I found out I was pregnant, right up to delivery. And 2 weeks after.

I had to a have sintocin (?spelling) injection, after each child (non negotiable), as there was a risk of bleeding being on clexane up to delivery.

I didn't have any more clots or any complications from bleeding after birth. I had a big bleed after my first child, but I was on a heparin infusion right before delivery as I had a known DVT. The clexane dose I was on with the rest of my pregnancies was a precautionary dose, so not as large (or risky).

Please let me know if you have anymore questions and good luck!

OP I have had surgery on my leg, that's how I got them was on clexane injections, spent 4 days in hospital and was sent home on rivaroxiban twice a day for 6 months. I haven't seen a haemotologist I'm not sure what it is actually. Just under my gp
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 It's a blood disorder specialist. They handle complex types of anemia, clotting disorders, etc. This type of doctor would be best to support you through a pregnancy with high risk of clotting.
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 Your GP can send you for bloods to check for blood clotting disorders. But I think I needed to wait until all of the anticoagulant medications were out of my system.
I think you will be just fine to have another baby, you will need to be monitored more carefully, and perhaps discuss it with your GP to come up with a plan.
But you will first need to make sure there is no reason that you ended up with clots. Yes, surgery will increase your risk for clots. But you will need to check there wasn't another reason.
I didn't need to see a haemotologist once my clot resolved, my GP was able to manage my other pregnancies.

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I had PE prior before kids and that put our plans for pregnancy on hold for a couple of years while I managed it with Warfarin.
I have had two kids since then. They were both quite managed pregnancies through my obstetricians (a different one for each pregnancy) with clexane injections daily. For each I was induced a week early so that labour was also managed and closely monitored. No complications for me thankfully and two healthy little people :)