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How long until the engorgement goes down?

I stopped breastfeeding my baby girl yesterday and switched her to formula (my own reasons, none of your fucking business to anyone who wants to throw "breast is best" or try and tell me I'm a bad mum) I'm just wondering how long until the engorgement goes down? It's only been like 15 hrs and I'm dying lol. Also any tips? It kinda sucks cause I was hoping to breastfeed till she was 1 1/2 - 2 but apparently that's not gonna happen.


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If you want some nice advice maybe try not swearing and abusing people. Breast IS best and the fact you're getting so defensive about It shows you clearly are feeling guilty and know you should keep trying.

 I'm glad someone said it in regards to her swearing and rudeness
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 Omg I love you whoever said this....I can't agree with you more. Breast is best and I didn't even bother giving this post advice because frankly the way it was asked was so not nice, rather aggressive in fact. What goes around, comes around.
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 Lol thanks for the support, I'm not usually so short but she might get more response with some manners :)
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 Here here, well said, I think you're feeling guilty and projecting using anger. Getting defensive makes your guilt quite obvious.
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 Great answer :)
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Watch out OP we've got some bad bi****s here. "Omg she swears and doesn't want to breastfeed anymore, she SO deserves our bullshit". Um excuse me ladies but responses like yours are the reason people get defensive about stopping breastfeeding. You have no idea what her situation is! Maybe she's got a terminal illness? Maybe she's planning on going back to work? Maybe she's just had enough of breastfeeding and wants to stop for her own sanity. Whatever the case she asked for advice not bitchy comments abusing her for exercising her right to choose. Grow up

 I just figure they don't know how stupid they look and had a laugh at them lol. Not even worth the time it'd take to reply
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It took mine a couple of weeks. I used to wait as long between normal feed times as I could cope with and then express it. And I didn't express during the night (que milk drenched sheets and morning boulders lol). Good luck :-)

It varies from person to person. Cabbage leaves on the breast help with the pain

I think you're meant to drop one feed at a time, not really stop altogether in one go? If you don't want to give up try to push through while your milk is still there! I know it's hard, I fed my first for 6 weeks and really regretted it when I stopped. My second is about to turn 1 and I'm still breastfeeding her :)

Mine took a good 2 weeks to go away. Definitely keep an eye out for lumps and hot spots and massage them out in the shower.i used cold cabbage leaves and mint tea and sometimes i would just stand under a hot shower-yes i know this is thought to stimulate more milk but for me it didnt and it felt sooo nice- and definitely panadol and nurofen.Hope you're feeling better soon 😊😘 😘😊

Think it was about 2/3 days mind you I had mastitus in both breasts! Good luck I understand the guilt xx

Wtf I wouldn't help a question posed like this even if you paid me. Mind your manners, mate. I'd be more worried about your kids being brought up by such a rude person rather than bottle feeding them.

Thanks so much ladies :). With any luck I won't cave and try pumping some for relief lol

 Maybe just try pump a little to give you relief. It might take longer for your milk to stop but at least you'll be comfortable. You could always call the breast feeding association for some advice
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There are meds you can take to stop milk production, if you are certain about stopping

It takes up to 3 weeks, less if you do not express anything. If they get painful, you can squeeze a little out in a hot shower. If it gets very painful, or if you run a fever or go notice discoloration see your doc. Mastitis is very common during weaning

 Wear a supportive bra that is not tight, but fots well. you can put pads in it so leakage doesn't doesn't wreck it
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