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Do you think this is a bit rude? Would you be annoyed?

We are away for the long weekend. We often go away but this time we couldn't really be bothered and would have been happy to have the weekend at home. But our friends really wanted to go as they often have to work weekends but have this one off. Anyway, i arranged for us to go to a family property to camp. They've just arrived - without their daughter. We have a boy and a girl and so do they the same age. they didn't tell us beforehand so now my daughter has no one to hang with all weekend apart from 2 teen boys. if wed known we could have brought a friend of my daughters. Im annoyed!


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I think they should have told you, it is rude and inconsiderate in my opinion.

No it isn’t rude at all. They don’t need to explain anything to you, unless you are paying for them. I get your daughter will be disappointed but that’s how life goes. Go and enjoy your long weekend with your friends .

Life is full on disappointments your daughter will just have to deal with it. I was an only child & went camping I survived.

Really? Get a grip woman!!

 Yes I am being real and what is so bad in asking for suggestions, I have always wore a uniform for 12 hours a day 6 days a week never had a reason for any clothes to wear at home besides my going out clothes are very good and wouldn’t want to get them wrecked
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 ^ haha think you got this thread muddled with another.
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 Hahaha!! I think you need a day off!!
Put your feet up and relax. Then re-read the topic you've replied to 😂
Enjoy your weekend 😊

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They probably forgot to mention it but I’m sure they would be pissed if you did it to them and their kid

 This! I wouldn't say anything if it was me though
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What long weekend?

 Monday is labour day here in Perth :)
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I camp a lot like you. I agree they should have bought it up