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What do you use when doing your vagina weights

Do you use just tins or can you use an old water bottle half filled
I don’t want to use a tin that will need to be used for dinner


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Omg I just saw that on FB. I wonder where you buy those excercise pants from 😂

What kind of crazy am i reading here? Don't regaular organisms keep the muscles tight? I don't do anything with weights & all of my things are just aok 👌.

 Regular organisms hey 😂
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 Haha. I love auto correct
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I didn’t even know this was a thing! Wouldn’t there be a risk of prolapse???

I just get a lot of c’ock. It’s a muscle down there, the more you use it the stronger it gets 😉

 So wouldn t pelvic floor exercises suffice? How on earth do you use weights?
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 I don’t use weights, like I said I just get lots of c’ock
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 ^ ok, thought you were the op... meaning you need to use weights cos you get a lot of c**k.
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