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What do you wear to bed?


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Winter pajamas in winter and summer pajamas in summer!

Underwear and T-shirt or singlet sometimes just underwear

Sleep naked

 What happens if you have to get up for kids in the middle of the night? Tits n arse just flapping about everywhere?
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 ^it's easy to grab a robe. The thought of MAYBE having to get up to the kids might not be worth the bother of wearing clothes
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 Not OP but I used to keep my dressing gown by the bed when I slept naked so if I had to get up to the kids through the night I could just slip it on and go.
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 Op of comment sleep naked here: my kids sleep through the night. When they didnt i would geab my robe or just go naked.. they were babies!
When i have my period ill wear undies..
try it!!

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Summer - Pjs - the shorts and singlet type ones.
Don’t like nighties they get tangled.
Winter - pjs - long bottoms and long top but not too hot.

Can I ask ladies, why no undies. Not being rude. Just curious. I can't do it but kudos to you 😘

Winter- long pjs
Summer- nightie or shirt with no underwear

clothes lol , pj bottoms and a tshirt mostly. I dont need to look good for anyone.

Pjs - der

 Why der??? I don't wear pjs
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Old t-shirt

 I think old tshirt can be sexy
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