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How many people do you trust, really trust?

Apart from my family there us only 2 people. When I was younger I would have said way more but history taught me I was wrong about those people.


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My husband. I have learned that you cannot trust or truly rely on anyone else.

Well i thought i had trust issues but apparently it's quite anyone else saddened by this?

 I fully trusted my husband, until he had an affair. My mother has passed away. My sisters have issues with drugs / men. I have a couple good friends, but they sometimes have loose lips, so I don't tell/ share anything too personal, important or secretive. So yes, I am saddened by the fact I have no one I can fully trust.
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Depends on the context - for almost everything I would say my husband. But not 100%, I can’t trust anyone 100%.

Probably 2/3 people. My partner, my mum and one of my closest friends