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What is a no nonsense mum?


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On the show Zumbo's Just Deserts a woman by the name Kate is a no-nonsense mum
To me, a no-nonsense mum is a mom who likes to have most of the control and wants no nonsense in her kids/family if u watch this show u will understand what a no-nonsense mum is her personality is not too nice and not too mean it's in between.Basically, a no-nonsense mum wants No Nonsense anywhere! ♡-♡

 That's why I'm here lol
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 I think so too. I am watching the show right now

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 Watching the show now! hahaha. it brought me here!
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 I was just watching that show, thats why I'm here!!! :) lol

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 Watching the show didn’t know what it meant thanks!! 👍🏽👍🏽
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 That showns brought me here too lol

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 Thanks 🙏

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 Watching show had no idea what it meant It brought me here.
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 I was watching zumbo's just desserts season 1 and was wondering what is a no nonsense mum as it says under kates name where their job normally is and I was wondering so thanks for that explanation as such
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to me it is a mum who is firm but fair and very loving. She has rules and the kids know the routine so they aren't stressed.

 To many answers. I would definitely like one or two answers minimum.
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Actually its just a show tag they came up with cos she didnt want her job splashed on tv
Was speaking to someone who knows her

No nonsense mum to me would mean firm amd dont take crap but that by no means she isnt loving
She apparently really funny irl

OP That explains why they chose to put that tag there. I can't help but wonder what her profession is now but I won't ask because there is a reason why she doesn't want it known.
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 Maybe her job is super embarrassing or boring
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As it says I guess. Takes no nonsense. Not just from her kids but from anyone else who might question her parenting. She is the quintessential mumma bear!

A mum who doesn't put up with her kids shit

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I see it kind of a slightly over the top hard a*s mum.
No whinging
No whining
Keep up with my.
Play properly I don't want to have to get involved again.
Well that's just a consequence you have to deal with

Just a very hard line mum.
Does what she says and possibly even goes a bit far sometimes (omi)

Haha it's so funny! Im from Germany and watching this show right now 😂

me, i am that mum and because of it, we are very successful in every way.

I always thought no nonsense was cutting the bullshit when it comes to discipline, instead of discussions, over explaining, 3 strikes, charts and time outs they will go from acknowledging a bad behaviour straight to punishment. My BIL is no nonsense with his kids, straight to the point.

a great mum that wont take shit from anyone, or her kids at all.

Which question are you talking about?

OP Theres a show on 7 that's a desert contest and under one of the contestants name is no nonsense mum.
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Thank you for asking this!!

OP I hope we get an answer.
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