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How does your partner react when you say you don’t feel like cooking ?

Mine says what are we going to eat ?
Don’t want take away

I say you cook chops and veg

He says what take away do you want?


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Mine just grunts, and sits around until the kids get hungry and start demanding dinner, then he says "wanna Uber Eats something" while acting disappointed that there's no home cooked meal. The guys a dick. I love him but he's a dick.

 Men like this are such turn offs.
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He will cook. Or it’s a scrap dinner. It doesn’t happen too often. But It’s no big deal

What do you want me to pick up on the way home. Or usually calls through in the morning and says don’t cook today let’s have (insert take out option)

Mine usually just cooks otherwise he will get spaghetti on toast lol

He's happy to go with whatever I choose to do for dinner (or not)

Husband's cooks more than I do. When neither of us feel like it we will have something easy like toasted sandwiches or hot chips in the air fryer. Rarely do takeaway.

I always have pies and pizzas etc for the nights we don't want to cook. That or we just buy dinner. It's not a big deal

He'll usually just tell me to sort something out for the kids and he'll make himself something later

If I said I didn't feel like cooking he would still expect dinner. If I don't feel like cooking dinner will be tin spaghetti or baked beans on toast.

He doesn't care if I don't feel like cooking. We help ourselves to whatever cereal, soup, noodles etc or rare occasions he cooks, occasionally takeaway but that's more of treat for us rather than just being lazy.

My husband isn't a great cook so if I don't feel like cooking we either have takeaway or dine out or my husband will make himself something simple. We usually decide on dinner during the day via text.

He’ll usually say: don’t want anything unhealthy, what will we have then? But most of the time he’s understanding and asks what takeaway we should get.

I don’t do any cooking my partner it does all cooking if he says he can’t be bothered it take away lol My oldest daughter started cooking she does it once week.