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Lip filers

My 16 year old daughter wants her lips 👄 to look 👀 like a baboons arse
Do you think 💭 I should let her look 👀 like an idiot ?


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Absolutely not, 16yrs is way too young in my opinion.

I wouldn't. I'd rather her dislike me for it than get bullied for having it done. You can get stuff that comes in a lip gloss tube thing that plumps lips temporarily, so I'd give her that.

Just check out any side effects/possible long term complications before signing off on it. At the end of the day it is her face not yours. Although as a parent you have a responsibility to help her make wise choices. Sixteen is such a tough age. If that makes her feel good about herself I completely understand it, despite the fact that I personally despise the current trend. I personally would not allow my daughter to due to the fact that I simply don't agree with the emphasis society puts on current trends and "fashionable" surgery. But recalling to when I was 16 I completely understand why she would. Insecurity, still developing her sense of worth and she is probably looking for validation both within her peers and from prospective partners. At the end of the day - it is your call and your values. However, if she wants to now and her mindset doesn't change... she'll have it done the minute she turns 18 anyways.