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Christmas casual

Hi! Am wondering if I could do some evening shifts around Xmas time as a way to get some $ and maybe get back into the workforce on a casual basis. Problem is, I last worked in retail when I was 15-18. So a number of years ago. Sales isnt my strong point however I’m willing to give it a go! Any ideas how I could boost my resume to help me out in actually getting looked in, and maybe securing a role??


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I haven’t worked for 11 yrs! I walked in with a resume had a chat about the shop etc. they phoned me that afternoon for a formal interview, I’m starting on Tuesday!!! I’m so excited!

Dress to impress and show off your personality and eagerness to work.

Good luck!

Best thing you can do is walk in and hand your resume in, speak to the manager and show your eagerness to work, make an impression. And good luck

 Thank you!! 😘
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 Agree, and introduce yourself and shake the managers hand. I was told that’s what got me my job as no one else did that. I had experience but hadn’t worked for a few years.
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 Oh that’s good to know!
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Most organised companies would already have their xmas staff by now