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Amart Furniture, is it any good?

I'm looking at the Shadow2 Outdoor Furniture. Has anyone else bought it? Would you recommend it?


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Look I bought from Adair’s and it lasted amazingly for about 4-5 years but once we hit the 5 year mark all of a sudden the leather is flaking and not looking amazing and we paid a decent amount for the furniture we bought. So I don’t know that I can really say it’s best to buy more expensive. I’d personally prefer to buy cheaper and replace 5 yearly than but expensive and have no guarantees it’s going to last 10-15 years

I love the look of a lot of the furniture Amart sells, and it usually would be my go to for furniture. However, 2-3 I’ve opened the box at home to find that there were missing pieces for whatever it is that I’ve bought. Completely frustrating when the item is big and hard to put back in the box. One time I went back to the same store and they had the right pieces, another time I had to wait a week for the item to be picked up and a new one delivered. It’s hit and miss if every piece is there I think.

I will buy better quality when kids are older around 14

Some of their stuff is OK, but a lot is not.
When truck drivers came to pick up my (other store, cant remember which), furniture for repair, they commented that it was good to see someone had bought decent quality furniture. They said most of their work was carting AMart furniture back for repair, and often the same item multiple times.
I don't know the item you are talking about, so I cant make a judgement on that anyway.