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What do you eat in a typical day?


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Mostly food. Sometimes fluff or hair if i cant get them out of my mouth. Generally each summer i eat a few flies

All of the foods.
I have a problem 🙁

 I heard in the radio of a book called Death by dimsim. Teaches you.
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Today I had:
2 slices of toast & scrambled eggs
Glass of orange juice
Some yoghurt
Tuna pickle & lettuce sandwich
2 choc-chip cookies & glass of milk
Stuffed chicken breast, spinach salad, sweet potato fries (Hello Fresh meal)
Icecream bar

Toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, meat n veggies for dinner. Maybe a snack in arvo. Rarely dessert. 4 cups of coffee. Not enough water.

TOMATO on rice crackers.
Salad sandwhiches

That's pretty much all I eat

I'm an extremely fussy eater

Way too much crap lately. My job involves alot of driving so I find I eat on the run way too much. I'm going to stop taking money with me so I can't do it anymore.

 Park cut up veggies. Nothing worse than starving. Don't get caught without money in an emergency
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 This is me also. I also work with at risk teens and often they only agree to catch up if you feed them crap like KFC or maccas so I end up eating it too. 🙁
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Maybe 1 piece of toast for breakfast, wrap or toastie for lunch and dinner, which is usually a standard kid friendly meal. 1 coffee and about 4 teas.

Porridge with a banana
chicken soup
Bread roll

Maccas breakfast with a coffee no lunch then popcorn followed by spag Bol