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What music do you currently have playing in your car?


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Spotify we take in turns me and the kids but I have had a nirvana CD in my car for about 3years now and when there is a shit song on the radio I put it on til I think the song is finished on the radio

I plug in my phone and put it on random, so a bit of everything from about the 80's to now.

6 stack cd player, so 80’s, Micheal Buble, Rod Stewart, Shrek soundtrack, Ed Sheeran & the Beach Boys. Very eceletic taste in music.

Nothing. I tell me kids the stereo is broken or I'll have to listen to their current favorite song over and over..... and over......

 *my kids
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I know this will sound odd but if a musician has passed away, I usually play their music for a while. Kenny Rogers is currently playing. Love love love his music

ABBA, cold chisel, Elton John, pink Floyd. List goes on nah