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I just can't adult anymore

My life is a mess. Nothing is working out, I am struggling to get everything done. My heart is constantly racing, my mind freaking, I can't breath. How do you adult? Pick up this and move forward, get things done and be normal?


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I know i wanna move home with mum and dad just pretend im a kid for a bit. Recuperate me and the kiddies and move on. My husband is a dick

Just one foot in front of the other until someone better at adulting comes along lol. Some days I can adult really well. Shit gets done and I feel good. But other days, or other things on the to do list are beyond my capabilities. Like how the f**k am I meant to organise a home loan for someone else when I have no experience in that shit? Not today Westpac, not today. What the f**k even are taxes and why can't I use a blue pen? There are people who know what to do there, so I'll outsource to them. Everybody wins

It sounds crazy when you're so busy and time-poor, but you need to take time to look after yourself. Have firm boundaries around your time, like giving yourself a night off of making dinner once a week. Block time out each week to be alone for a couple of hours or more so you can hear yourself think. Arrange for you and your partner to each facilitate for the other a weekend away, by themselves.

I find that when I don't do that sort of thing, I'm more stressed and I can't trust my reactions. When my mind is racing I get frustrated easier, I loose my temper with the kids and fight with my husband more. By having some time to myself I'm able to reset, relax for a bit and then I find the chaos of life easier to manage.

Good luck 🤗

I don't know sometimes. I don't know anything about politics, not even the basics. So I just put the numbers in any box.

Be kind to yourself. Maybe you are setting too high standards for yourself why you are feeling this way.
Don't sweat the big stuff.. Often you find managing the small stuff helps you get back in control of your life and will give you confidence you need to keep moving forward