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Does anyone know if I will still get back paid child support out of a tax return

If dad now has the kids full time?
He ran up a huge bill, is doing all his past taxes and is expecting a decent return. Will he keep it as he now has the kids, or do I get it? I have called and asked but didn't actually get that question answered.


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You don’t have the kids full time anymore wouldn’t you want it to go to where the kids are so that can be looked after properly? Maybe I am not clear what child support is for? It seems to be greedy to want money for child support when you aren’t actually caring for children

 I plan to spend it on the kids, I was jumping wondering if it would make a difference who had the kids. I don't have a debt as I pay all the child support.
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I understand that you were entitled to that money that wasn’t paid but you no longer have the kids, wouldn’t you prefer that money went to them?

Sadly as he has your kids full time it won’t go where deserved