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Pressure cooker or slow cooker?!

What's the difference?! Or are they sort of the same thing? Looking to buy one or the other and weighing up the options. Tia


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A pressure cooker is a fast cooker, cooks things super fast. A crockpot is a slow cooker, cooks things super slow. You can get a multi cooker that you can use as both.

No they are not the same. A pressure cooker is usually used on the stove although I think you can get electric ones now. They seal very tightly and uses the pressure of the steam to cook food a lot faster than on the stove alone. A slow cooker is just that. It cooks food at a low temperature over several hours so it takes along time but it is at a low risk of burning. I have a slow cooker which I use a lot.

I use the pressure cooker more because I tend to leave things to the last minute

Get a multicooker I have the kmart one and it's fantastic. I use the slowcooker heaps but if I forgot to put it on I can still use the pressure cooker to cook a meal quickly. It also makes awesome rice 😊