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Best baby formula

I plan to breast feed but I had a lot of trouble with breast feeding my first baby so I want to be prepared with formula.
What brand is the best these days for a newborn?


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Can I simply suggest- to change your mindset a bit. Your giving yourself a back up and an easy out if things even start to look hard.
I was the same for my second and had so many issue and seri he'd to formula. But I think I created a lot of them due to stressing about my ability to feed.
When my third came along I was determined to breast feed... Didn't have the "preparation" if it didn't work...

And suddenly all my issues that prevented me from feeding - weren't there. And I fed my last for 2,5 years.

Just a thought. Xx

OP Thank you for your advice. I definitely want to breastfeed however the reality for me is that I live rurally and the closest shop is more than 2 hours away. (And that's just a little supermarket)
My doctor and the hospital I intend to birth at is 6 hours away.
There's a Royal flying doctors nurse that flys in once a month but otherwise, I'm on my own out here.
I'd hate to get stuck unable to feed and not having thought of a back up option.

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 OMG, its just a simple question.
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I have used aptimal gold plus for both my girls due to an extremely low breastfeeding supply, with my 2nd I am using their anti reflux formula for alternate feeds also.

I used the Mamma Mia formula from Aldi. It didn't constipate my daughter like s26 did. Its Australian made and great value too. But as others have said trial and error to find what works best for your bub. Good luck mumma.

I had trouble breastfeeding my first baby and had to stop at 3 months. My 2nd baby I had even more trouble but have managed to get past tongue tie/allergies mastitis and a low milk supply (due to a thyroid problem) and still feeding now at 6 months with 1 bottle of formula a day. My first baby was fine on formula and i used the karicare range. But it depends on the baby. I tried the same formula for my 2nd baby that I used for my first and he couldn't handle it so I ended up with an allergy one. Good luck with your 2nd baby and I hope the feeding all goes well, if it doesn't there's no shame in formula so don't let alone make you feel bad for using it. :)

No brand is the best. It's trial and error to see what works for your baby.

I used Karicare for both my kids. I wouldn't use anything else.

Used s26 gold for all my kids but my youngest just turned 7 so that's a while ago now. Never had any issues and I think you can still buy it today. Must be doing something right.

Hi there,
I can totally understand you feelings. There are several good formulas you could have at home just in case. I always wanted to breast feed but I also wanted to be prepared if I couldn't breast feed. I went with getting Hipp HA Combiotik from for this case. Eventually I didn't need it in the beginning but started supplementing at 6 months!