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Kids shouldn't be allowed in restaurants until they know how to act.

So I'm in the South, think Bible Belt, I live in a small town and I work in a restaurant. Well for some reason parents think it's okay to let their kids scream at the top of their lungs like this is a damn daycare. I'm trying to take orders and run around which is hard as hell if I can't hear. I've started coming home with migraines because of this it's just constant. We're a family friendly establishment and not allowed to say anything. To make matters worse I worked a double shift and my boyfriend and I went to go get some fried rice from a fancy Thai restaurant and the table next to us had a kid scream the whole time. They caught me glaring and gave glares back. It was so annoying. Kids shouldn't be allowed in restaurants if they can't behave bottom line.


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couple of things make me call troll on this one... : firstly, kids dont scream at the top of their lungs at daycare, secondly bible belt wtf, fried rice (chinese) from a 'fancy thai restaurant' ? and clearly a poster that doesnt have kids yet is on a parenting website. Hmmmm.

I do agree with the sentiment that parents should make their kids behave if they take them out in public and I wouldnt let mine scream.

 Can't comment on the rest but the Bible Belt is real, it's an area of the American South. I live in Australia now but I am originally from there. I am assuming that is what she is referring to. Although I'm not sure why an American woman without kids is on an Australian parenting site, but whatever.
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 Migraines are not caused by excessive noise. They are a severe neurological condition
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 Actually, yes they can. There are people who have migraines triggered by sound/noise.

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SAHM Staff Yes the Bible Belt is in the US, and our website has a worldwide audience and lots of our visitors come from the US, the UK, NZ etc, so we do get quite a lot of overseas posters on this forum. :-)
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So how about we all stop going to the restaurant so we don't inconvenience you. When staff get sacked I imagine you will be the first to go.

Drink water and say to the kids you have a great set of lungs or say it to the parents

Parents are to blame. They switch off when out with their kids, and their kids run feral.

How are they supposed to get used to restaurants if they not allowed in there?? Grow up