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What’s your favourite cut/ style of panties ? Eg thong, bikini, boy leg etc

I only wear things because the bikini cut rides up my butt 100% of the time and the bunched fabric makes it super uncomfortable. The boy leg makes me feel bigger than I am and the Brazilian makes my butt look saggy.


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I always buy undies one size bigger than my dress size. My preferred cut is boy leg. Sometimes bikini. No wedgie issues for me!

 Yeah, I find sizing up helps too
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 I have tried all different sizing of the bikini briefs and I still get a wedgy so a thong it is
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 Isn’t a thong a permanent wedgie? 😂
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 Yes but it is designed for it so not as uncomfortable
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 I dunno, I’ve worn g strings and they are just like a wedgie to me. Plus, they are so unhygienic.
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 Says you. I don't find it comfortable.
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  definitely hygienic.
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 They rub against your asshole
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 I meant definitely UNhygienic!! Rubbing against your shitter all day. Just yuck.
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 Don’t you wipe your a*s?
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Haven't worn gbangers since 2001. Didn't realise it was still a thing.

Pre-kids it was nothing but g-strings apart from overnight when on my period, and when I wanted to dress sexy it was a Brazilian cut because I had a peach butt that looked sensational in those things (😢)

Post kids it's nothing but Bikini cut. Only comfort for me these days.

Bikini and boyleg for me. Can't stand anything that goes in my butt crack.

Maybe look at the size of your undies. Wrong size Might be why ithey are uncomfortable

So you are worried brazilian make your butt look saggy but you wear thongs?
No one looks good in them. I bet you don't either.