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Lazy life

My hubby has gone away for a week and I haven't cooked since he left. I just chucked a pair of clean socks in the dirty clothes basket because I couldn't be bothered walking to my daughter's room to put them away. What is the laziest thing you have ever done?


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Told my 1yr old to run to daddy for cuddles when she'd pooped so he could change her nappy instead of me for a change

Ive rewashed a load of washing because i couldnt be fu***d hanging it out.

 Happens to me often
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 This happens to. Me all the time
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 Do this every other week 😂
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 Haha! I thought i was the only one that slack! Glad to hear there are other slackers out there
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I’ve rung my kids and asked them to bring me stuff. They were in the lounge watching tv while I was lazing in my bed.

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Mopped a spill on the ground up using the sock on my foot. It worked and then I just chucked the socks into the washing basket.

I have left my husband with our 4 kids to supervise their dinner while I "pop out to the supermarket"....I am sitting in my car in the parking lot on my phone enjoying some peace before I get the stuff and go home. I will also be walking very slowly through the isles. At least I cooked and served their tea, right?

Took the pillow case off my pillow so I could blow my nose and stay in bed

Asked my kid to get the remote from the other end of the couch

Make just enough room in the dishwasher for whatever is in the sink, and re-wash the rest.
Use the sheets I just took off the bed to dust the whole bedroom.
Mop up spills with my socks, or once, with my baby’s cloth nappy.