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How long do you bake a lasagna when you have used instant sheets?


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A tip when making lasagna with those hard instant sheets, add water to your lasagna once you've layered it. It turns out amazing! It's also really nice using fresh sheets.

 Do you mean pour water on the final layer or each layer? I havnt heard of that tip. Thanks.
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 When I have finished layering everything, I gently pour water over the top until it flows down around the sides. I find it just turns out much nicer, really saucy and the sheets absorb most of it.
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 Cool, thanks.
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Really depends on how much sauce you use. The more the sheets are covered, the quicker they cook. Sometimes I don’t make enough sauce and it always takes longer. If you cover well I’d say around 45 mins.

Between 40 - 50mins at 180deg. Oh and ignore the troll xxx