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Well yesterday i got home from work, took the baby sitter(18) home and when i returned i noticed 3 empty alcohol cans and the cardboard case in the recycle box in the kitchen, and the toilet seat up with a piss in there. My problem, baby sitter is a girl, the cans aren't what we drink in the first place, and my son is 2..he clearly cant get into a closed bathroom, lift the seat and pee he isnt even trained yet. When my partner said "oh, you had company today did you?" She straight up said no. Then he said "well thats not the alcohol we drink so..." and just left it at that. She says she found the cans on our lawn and put them in the box. We have a high wooden fence so no they weren't on the lawn and if they were why would you put them inside when there's 3 bins outside. Having a stranger come over and drinking while watching my son..they're 2 standard drinks per can. But I'm unsure how to approach this as I have noone else to watch him while i find a daycare centre...what would you do?


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You fire her! It doesn't matter that it might inconvenience you while you find someone else to look after your child or drive the half hour to your sister in laws! The safety and wellbeing of your child is more important! I can't believe your even questioning wether to leave your child with two drunk teenagers, one whom you don't even know...and think is weird! My god sort yourself out will you!

I dont think I'd feel comfortable having her watch my kids again. Even if she did admit she had some guy over and promised to never do it again. No way could I trust that. I know it will inconvenience you while you find alternate arrangements, but rather that than have someone I can't trust watch the most precious thing in my life, my children.

OP I know she has a boyfriend and we said if she wants him over to ask us because we dont know the guy..met him maybe 3 short times and hes weird lol. Im thinking of trying to get SIL to watch our son after today with her 2yr old daughter until hes enrolled somewhere. Ive got tours of care centres all next week so hopefully I'll find one and it'll be much better.
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OP But then again SIL lives half hour away and would need to be at our house 530am til 4. So i don't know..ahh
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 Could you drop him off at her place?
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 I wouldn't care what time frame he needed to be at your sil, I would rather go without sleep to get him there, than be stressed wondering what and who is happening in my own home. Clearly the babysitter lied to you. It's time to cut her loose.
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Im going to get someone else to watch him. Looking at daycares this week so will hopefully find one soon. Just hard with my job i am gone 6am til 4pm and she was all i had.

 If she lied to you about having someone in your home imagine what else she could have lied about, I would make sure she knows that you know she lied (tell her the toilet seat was up and had been used) and lay a guilt trip on her.
Don't give her a reference or recommend her to anyone, just get her away from your child.

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Get a new babysitter or get a daycare. No way would I be leaving my toddler alone with someone who was drinking and bringing people around my child and lying to me.

First I would call her and talk to her about really happened, give her a chance to explain.
Second I would start looking for someone else.

I definitely wouldn't be getting her back, if it's a struggle getting your sil to watch him, with her being half an hour away. How about advertising for a qualified carer? Will pretty much cost the same as a daycare.
But it's not good enough for her to be doing that behind your back, she could be putting your lil fella at risk.

I'd drink with her and seduce her and her boyfie. Mmmmm threesome.

I agree with the other posts, do what ever you have to but don't trust her or leave your son with her again. Her boyfriend could be dangerous.

Yeh she would be copping more than a mouthful off of me