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Anyone here suffered a prolaspe?

2wks ago I suffered a posterior prolaspe. After a few frustrating appointments with gp I found a wonderful physio who's recommended i try a Pessary. She told me I can be as active as I was before prolaspe and it'll support me.
It's been a horrible thing to experience and talk about and I'd love to hear others experience with a Pessary please.


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This is an interesting thread. No one ever talks about prolapses as it’s too embarrassing /private but sometimes it’s good to learn. I think I have one, gyno brushed it off a couple of years ago as a very minor one but at certain times of the month it feels that massive I can’t get my husband inside of me. So I have no idea what’s going on but I’d love to hear more about prolapses too as I’m definitely not going to the gp to discuss unless it gets worse!

 Is hubby massive, or your prolapse?
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OP Sorry I put my reply in the top comment ☝️
Ps.. hubby likes to think he was too big 😉

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 Haha don’t they alll?? Lol
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 Well he can enter ok most times but certain times I can feel a massive bulge and he cantoo
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 Go see someone as they do get worse without the support of the muscles
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 This sounds like a Rectocele prolapse, i have it after a terrible labour. Google it AND SEE YOUR DOCTOR!

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I had a prolapse for 2 years, after a very traumatic birth. But it suddenly came right by itself.
Years later I had another problem develop from the damage of that birth, different to yours, it was out of control urinary and bowel incontinence, so bad I ended up giving up my job.
I have found doctors and physios a waste of time and money. I did not get any worthwhile help until I went to a specialist womens doctor, just by chance, as I walked past her surgery and saw her sandwich board outside advertising treatment for incontinence.
20 x 20 minute treatments and the problem was fixed. Cost $5 per time, but some doctors fully bulk bill it, so no cost at all. A few follow up treatments 6 months apart for a couple of years is all the extra that was needed.
I am still bitter about the fact that if I had been referred to a specialist who knew what she was doing, like the one I found by accident, I would have retained my job.
My male doctor still tells me that treatment is a waste of time, and that Kegel exercises would fix it.

OP I'm so glad you found help! What you went through sounds awful. I have also found GPS frustrating telling me I'll be right but they don't have to live with it. I'm sad for you that you had to leave your job.
I guess I'm skeptical about my physio's advice because it's so unknown to me and no one talks about this due to the embarrassment! I'll just have to trust her and see what happens as I can't keep living with it like this!

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Unfortunately due to birth trauma I have been left with a cystocele and rectocele and partial prolapse :(. I have tried two different pessary’s but neither have been of great help.

Definitely check out the website and Facebook page of the “Pelvic Expert” Heba is amazing and definitely worth doing any of her programs.

Unfortunately for me surgery is my only option however before I go I’ll be doing a lot of “Pre-Hab” has she calls it and then rehab after surgery

OP I am sorry to hear your situation and that pessary's were no help. I have so much hope for mine as surgery will be next.
Thank you so much for the fb page info I will be checking that out.
All the best with your surgery X

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I would encourage you to seek out a physio that specialises in pelvic floor before it becomes a bigger issue. I went to my gp first abit freaked out and she said everything looked normal but sent me for a pelvic ultrasound anyway. Again no sign of prolaspe. I have since found out a prolapse can't be seen if laying down so you need to be examined standing up. Or if laying down you need to strain while doctor has fingers inside to feel the prolaspe. I ignored little signs such as painful sex occasionally, feeling swollen/heavy.. Wasn't until I felt and saw the bulge that I seeked help. I wish I had gone alot earlier.

 I have felt it but i don’t know how often it is like that it’s only when hubby and I have issues I put my fingers inside to feel what’s going on. Saw a physio but she had no idea what was going on, things she was ‘trying out’ would then leave me in pain for days. She kept experimenting with different things but I stopped going as $200 a visit and no idea what to do or what the problem was exactly was definitely underwhelming !
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OP Yeah I was shocked at the price but I'm at the stage just fix me and it'll be worth it. I've got so much hope on the passary but I'd really love to hear from others that have one. As it's not talked about much it's hard to find reviews!!
My symptoms sound very different to yours but it isn't normal and you shouldn't have to put up with it. Trust me you don't want it protruding out of your vagina it's SO uncomfortable!! Go back to gyno maybe??

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 Sorry to hijack your thread! Hope someone else out there has some advice/ reviews on the pessary that will be of help to you!
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 I just figured if it was there it can stay there it wouldn’t get any ‘worse’?
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OP Lol that's ok. Sorry I don't have an answer for you. I hope you also get answers and it doesn't get any worse for you.
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