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Private swimming lessons

I know someone who has a child that is doing private swimming lessons for their child. This mum uses the child’s NDIS money to pay the difference between what the cost of a group lesson and the private. So is getting private lessons for the same price as others pay for group. I don’t understand why NDIS money would be used for this. Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of the parent if they want private lessons?


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They get money specifically allocated to they, they have to apply for it.

As a swim teacher I think it’s so wonderful and at least the government is doing something about one of the biggest causes of death in children.

I give my lessons for free to children needing a private of medical reasons. Theses families kids miss out on so much because of all the other medical bills they have.

if this genuinely upsets you and you’re not just trolling you need a good hard look at yourself.
Actually either way you should.

 ^You're a terrific person 😊
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NDIS is about giving children with disabilities the same opportunities as other kids get. In a group lesson they're not getting the extra support they need. Funding would have been approved for this mum to do what she is doing. If this child didn't have a disability, mum would most likely be doing group lessons. Would you have the same view, if it was your child?

 Shouldn’t that money then be used for therapy so the child can be in the group? If swimming is a therapy then it should be done at a pool just for that. I have seen parents who say their child has ASD and they child just dories am to be following instructions, yells and screams and spending the time throwing tantrums. It seams a waste of tax payer money to me.
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 Ok I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt that you’re not trolling and just pretty ignorant on disabilities.

There’s literally dozens, dare I say hundreds of reason a child may need private swimming lessons.

I have private’s who have everything from high functioning autism to full blown non verbal wellchair bound cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and all the varying degrees between them.
Iv been able to reinteregrate a non verbal CP boy to group lessons at 4 and unable to do so for a high functioning fully capable boy.

It’s a mixture of extra therapy and actually just learning to swim like other kids get to.

Iv had on little boy with GDD,nonverbal and a whole host of other things going on, including 3 brain surgeries by his 2nd birthday, swimming independently at just on 3 years old.

Another little girl I teach with CP couldn’t walk to 2 and a half but by her second birthday could fall in a pool and get back to the edge.

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 For many of the parents, not only is it often the only half hour break they get in the day, they get to see their child learning a skill all other little kids get to, not bound by the same restrictions out of the pool.
It’s brought many of them to tears at the edge of my pool.

Their kids get to learn a life saving skill, and what otherwise may have been unaffordable, is made doable.

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 Swimming can be very therapeutic and a form of therapy. Also, if the child needs other kinds of therapy the NDIS will provide it.
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 Some children, both with or without disabilities, work better alone rather than a group.
Swimming can be classed as a type of therapy anyway.

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I’m really disappointed by some of the responses here. So what if the ndis is covering private swimming lessons. Maybe the lessons are more specialist for the disability hence the ndis approved it . And let me tell you, the ndis do not approve everything . Having two children with disabilities, I can tell you we have paid thousands of dollars and so much that your kid does and you take for granted my kids can’t do, or they have had hours and hours of therapy to achieve it.

I don’t think the OP is the only person who has this opinion.
I myself have a child who is ASD and deaf and we do have him in private swimming lessons with help from his NDIS, he also has therapy. NDIS in no way covers all his needs. We are still out of pocket hundreds of dollars each month.

I have had people tell me that I should feel lucky for any rebates I get because of the amount of $ they spend on there children. I have been told my child just needs a good smack and I have been told if my child needs private lessons then it should be me who pays for it.

At least she is asking the question and hopefully she asked because she wants to understand.

 People who aren't living it, do not understand!
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Maybe because the child doesn’t cope in a group setting.

I understand it can seem excessive, but all disabled children need different assistance. My child, who has ASD L2, thrives in a standard group lesson with swimming (we pay). We feel lucky that's the case as some children with a similar diagnosis don't. Those children deserve the same opportunity to learn as everyone else.

Parents of disabled children want nothing more than to see their children in the same setting as their peers, rather than having to be separated for private tuition. We desperately want them to be able to navigate the world & be able to cope with all situations. I hope that helps explain it a little.

Ease up everyone!!!!

Whilst you do not agree with the OPs opinion (I also disagree with het opinion) she is entitled to her opinion and her opinion is as valid as yours.

It does not make her a troll. It makes her someone with a different opinion. Stop throwing around the troll label. Respect the fact everyone is entitled to a different opinion.

 OP asked a question. I think it’s been adequately answered.
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 I was the one who questioned if she was trolling.
It’s because of the provocative way it was worded, and as I stated, if she’s not , comment still stands.

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