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Best holiday destination for kids?

Any recommendations on great kids holiday ideas please?


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The snow
Hubby and I went last year with 2 kids For 5 days and cost us $12k

Big 4 caravan parks

 Every day of the week. The one in Cairns is fantastic - Coconut Resort
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We had a super trip to Singapore for 6 days. Cheap flights, stayed in an air bnb and went to all the tourist spots like zoo and gardens by the bay and science museum. Public transportation was great. Food was fine. English spoken everywhere. Heaps to do and experience. My kids were 6 and 9. Highly recommend.

 What’s your household income ?
What are your expenses

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 That’s a great recommendation. Thank you so much 💛
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 My family has done Singapore too and absolutely loved it. My kids were 9, 12, and 16.
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Weve done Sydney, Perth, Brisbane/surfers (theme parks etc), Townsville, Tassie, Thailand last year and Bali next week. So far the kids loved Thailand the most!!!

Yes Big 4 Holiday Parks are great. Depends where you are - we are in NSW and have been to Darlington Beach at Coffs Harbour, Ocean Beach on Central Coast and Treasure Island, Gold Coast. Haven’t been o/s with the kids but I hear Fiji is a great spot.

 Fiji is expensive
Use to be cheap

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 Fiji is popular again because memories of natural disasters have faded.
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Sheraton Resort, Gold Coast is quite good for young children.