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Sex toys with husband?

Does anyone use sex toys with there partner?
Or anything that might be a good idea to spice up the bedroom?


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We use them but it’s me using them or him using them on me. Never me on him

We use hand ties, blind folds, and some dildos 😁

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I have two. The we-vibe, and a large black dildo that my bf uses on me. Omg yes

 Mine is the wevibe also
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Does anyone use dildos on there husband/boyfriend?

 Yes i do its our dirty little secret it started as s bit of drunk fun and he loved it so we have continued for years now we are both in our 50s and even have out own red room kinky is the spice of life especially now all our kids have moved out
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 Omg you lucky thing you get to do that!!
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 How do you use them on your husband?
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Yep, mostly just vibrators for my clit. I use them myseld whenever I'm home alone and bored and he'll use them on me om foreplay or one of us will hold it on my clit while we're having sex

Anyone have advice on trying bondage style? We have some vibrators but want to get some ties and something else to spice things up a bit more.

 Just make sure hubby is into it also. Nothing worse than going out on a limb, and for hubby to frown upon it
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 Yeah he is :)
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Yes.. dildo. It’s thick, so plenty of lube is needed

Who doesn’t? My partner and I use them infrequently. Sometimes weekly, and other times monthly. He has erector issues, so it works for us. In our collection, we have dildos, blindfolds, vibrators, and a strap-on, though that is too long for my taste

does anyone here watch porn together with hubby? Is always an easy Segway into sex toys I’ve found with my hubby

I would LOVE to peg my husband (nicely) or use a butt plug during sex, he has a high sex drive and gets me sooooo turned on, sadly he’s a little vanilla and I’m a little too freaky (I’d never reveal what I really like during sex) for fear he’d think there’s something wrong with me

 My partner is vanilla too. :( My ex was the opposite. Never will I have sex like my ex. He was truly amazing. Never been able to cum orgasm like he made me to the put I was light headed and couldnt move. Nothing to wild or out there he just knew what to do.
Wish sex with my now partner was the same. Always feel I am missing out because I just dont feel 100% satsified after even though it is a good 2-3 hours of pleasure and cuming.

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 Man, I know how u feel, it makes you really use your imagination during sex though lol
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We use them quite often to spice things up. Start off with a vibrator is my recommendation, then try more adventurous toys and even bondage style ties

What do you use now OP?

 OP: I don’t use any toys or anything at the moment.
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 You must have an inkling as to which sex toys you’d like to try?
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 Op: I don’t really know what to use or want to try because I have never used any ever and I have no idea what’s good or not!
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 I went into adult shop and the lady talked me thru everything, I wanted something non threatening, that was easily to bring into sex, she showed me what her faves and best sellers were, and honestly I've never looked back! Haha, particularly when hubby works away lol
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 Go into sexyland shop. The staff are so friendly and definitely non judgmental
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We have an array of toys, used occasionally. Vibrators, bullets, c**k rings and a selection of butt plugs. I usually use a vibratory on my clit while he's taking me from behind. He loves getting a blow job while using a butt plug, to be honest he can take bigger ones then me!!

I recommend just a cheap $30 average size dildo. If you like it, upgrade to a bigger or vibrating sex toy

My husband bought me some vibrating panties :P it's a little vibrating "bullet" which I just attach to whatever knickers I'm wearing. He has the remote and gives me a buzz every now and then whilst we're out or around home ;) we also have chains, hand cuffs, blind folds and a butt plug in the bedroom :P

It all depends on what you and your partner like though. Maybe do some subtle investigation into what your partner likes and then go to an adult shop and get some recommendations on what you might like. Or take your partner with you and have a walk around and a giggle with each other. Take note of what he likes and what takes your fancy and go from there :) have fun ;)