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burnt out

how do you cope when you are burnt out? my husband is fifo he is on a 2:1 roster (not as bad as others but still) usually I cope just fine with it I have a lot of interests to keep me occupied and happy once my 2 kids are off to bed. However, lately I just felt so drained or burnt out and almost stuck in a bit of a rut that I really just can't shake off. I will pass out when I go to sleep at night and when I wake in the morning it's a genuine effort to start my day. Have other mums been in the same situation? How did you shake off this mood so to speak? Thanks ladies


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I have so much respect for ladies who are at home and their hubbies do FIFO. I feel burnt out and my husband doesn't do FIFO so kudos to you. I think if you can afford it, popping the kiddies in day care 1day a week or arranging external activities outside of home (local community centre for craft classes, swimming lessons etc) could give you a break. It doesn't help that the school holidays over Christmas are too long and you don't have school time as a 'break'. I'm in a rut at the moment too so I can relate. And the lady who recommended the Dr that might be a good idea just to get yourself checked out too, just in case. Good luck x

Sounds like how I feel when I forget to take my thyroid medication. Have you ever had your thyroid function tested?

 I'd get full bloods done to check everything.bring low in iron can make you really tired,too.
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This is me!! 2 young kids (not in school yet) hubby works 4:1. I am EXHAUSTED!!!! those 4 weeks kill me. Then the 1 week he is home flies by. We are going to put our kids in daycare 1 day a week so I get some time to re charge. Xxxx good luck to you!!!

I have the same thing going on. I think it's the stress of raising kids on your own. The constant stress keeps wearing you down until there's nothing left. Well, that's how I feel.