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Are you dreading spending Xmas with your family?

I am
My husbands uncle is boring and his wife is rude
Their 5 kids aged 6,7,10,15,16 are lazy and rude
My nana and pop are complain some of the family aren’t there
That’s the tip of the ice berg


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Yep. It's the shame bullshit every year. Hubby and i pay for the majority of the food to feed up to 20 people, prepare said food then get to clean up afterwards. This happens while the same assholes sit back, patting their fat stomachs without a word of thanks. This year will be different. This time i will be delegating jobs, including all the cleaning up. If that fails, next year hubby and i will be taking the kids and going away for the holiday period. F**k the rest of them. I know this sound aggressive but its the same every year. Did i mention its almost every other celebration all year round?

 I feel like I wrote this!! I'm fed up. Probably need to realise I'm chasing a mirage 😔
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Answered by SAHM Staff

I find the lead up to Christmas has me stressed the worse. We have some great tips on the website about surviving Christmas. We even have articles about the in-laws!!

Not this year. My brother and SIL have offered to host which means I won’t be left cleaning up all Christmas night after a long day. She’s also done it right by telling everyone what to bring so it’s not such a financial or timely cost on them. I am really excited being able to spend time with not only our family but my SILs family, they are nice and won’t be complaining the whole day about everything. After that we are going to my MILs where we can sit and relax and all the kids can jump in the pool to cool off. It’s going to be a nice stress free and happy Christmas this year. I can’t wait.

 I hope you have a wonderful time this year being abel to enjoy yourself and not having the stress of cleaning up and organising.
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No I’m using Sydney smoke as an excuse not to drive up.

 Or just lazy
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We hosted Xmas at ours for years, we always over catered but everyone always brought a plate to share. While it worked, the family always ate and left and we were always left with a massive clean up. Last year I refused to host and we didn't go anywhere. This year my sister in law is hosting, I'm looking forward to a family gathering again! However I will make sure my little family clean up their own mess before we leave!

Pfft I love my family.
I'm really looking forward to it.

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Looking forward to it. Some nice food, at home can chill have a couple of drinks should be great !

I'm lucky this time of year my husband isn't on speaking terms with his family so only mine to deal with for a few hours & then back to our house. Hope it's a nice day so we can go to the beach.

The main reason I don't totally enjoy going to the in-laws is they live on a large property with a couple of paddocks and big ponds. There is no secure yard, so have to watch the kids non stop if outside, which is draining. Plus inside is not a kids house, so once again don't take your eyes off (mostly the 1.5yo, the 4yo is ok). It's just not relaxing.

 maybe take some electronics like an ipad to keep them entertained incase they start to feel the need to wander. I know its not the best option however its anoption which means you dont have to have eyes at the back of your head. ENjoy the day.
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 I should have said we'll be there for a week as it's interstate. They do getto watch the tablet or tv sometimes
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 Whoops, wasn't finished haha. They prefer to play with the toys and follow everyone around outside. Don't get me wrong it's not terrible, but just that feeling of always having to be on lookout. It's nice to get home and just let them do whatever and wander around without following them.
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My sister in law wants to go home after she’s fed her face

My family is interstate and won't be seeing them, spending it with husband's family who all have something to whinge about...really cbf with Christmas this year.