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Meeting someone new

Ok goddesses... I need your help. I've been separated from my husband for quite a while now. There's a cute guy that lives across the road that I'd like to get to know better. Problem is, he's been there for over 3 years and I don't even know his name. He's never out the front of his house, so I need some inventive ideas to meet him without making a fool of myself. Its been 15 years since I've been single so have no idea anymore on how to meet people. How can I make him notice me without looking like a desperate housewife?? Thanks


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do you have kids, get them to throw a ball over there, then go over to retrieve it.

Do you have other friends in the street? Throw a little street party and invite him

Can you think of something a man might have, that you could ask to borrow ? Make sure you have the details of why you need such an item.