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I just found out my step mum has been paying for her grandchildren to go to private schools with my dad's money.

Not dad's grandchildren, just hers. I really dislike that woman.


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Say something about it? That kind of thing really annoys me, I have been the step kid, the step parent and my kids have had step parents and been step kids and one of the things I have learnt is that they all get treated the same. You can't do one thing for your own kids and not for the step kids. Speak up, thats not OK and your Dad needs to hear it.

 I'm going to say something. I suspect he thinks the money is going to school for them all. He is taking us all out for lunch on Sunday to celebrate a few birthdays, I will take him out tomorrow and explain why we won't be part of the family anymore. We will still see him, Just not his wife and her family.
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 My adult step siblings and own siblings get treated totally differently. I'm an adult. I don't care. If they need new cars and bonds for rentals and all new furniture and step parent wants it all to be paid for. Cool bananas. So long as I don't have to pay for it.
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 So you’re going to disregard your father and no longer be apart of the family due to this. That’s very immature not to mention extreme.
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 It doesn't matter if other people are OK with it, I wouldn't be and I have cut my Dad and step mum out of my life due to poor treatment. I'm nobodies footstool.
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 Sounds like there is more to the story
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 It’s her father’s money. Maybe he agreed. So it’s not her business and to destroy the family over it is stupid
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 It's not stupid. I would say OP has plenty more examples of this kind of thing just like I did. I stopped talking to my Dad and Stepmum because at my Dads birthday she didn't put photos of me and my siblings or our kids in his photo slide that was meant to be highlights of his life. Probably very petty to anyone else but it was just one of many examples of passive aggressive behaviour towards us kids, she got her kicks out of leaving us out and making sure we felt like shit. I have no regrets for cutting them out and if OP wants to cut her family out too for the same reasons then I don't blame her.
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I don't have an issue with it, as long as dad knows what is going on. I suspect he thinks we all get the same. He has asked about things before that we hadn't actually got. It's a bit unfair on the kids to watch their cousins open gifts worth hundreds while they get a cheap t-shirt, while idiot sits there smirking. I will still see my dad, just not the others.

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My half sisters were awful to my mum, and I get all the money spent on my kids, the other get nothing.

 That's mature
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