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Fathers Day - New

Our new addition has just entered and it has me thinking about Father’s Day, I never had anyone to buy for due to growing up in foster care now money isn’t a issue but how much do you even spend on such present, I am literally clueless and feel stupid


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When mine were at newborn stage, these are some of the things dad got: A canvas print of bubs and dad, perfume, new undies/boxer shorts, fishing rod, bunnings voucher (loves his tools), massage voucher, favourite footy team jersey with name printed, new wallet with photo of bub in the window part, personalised coffee mug, Just some ideas.
Btw congratulations mama! 3 days old super cute. Stay safe x

 Thanks I have plenty of ideas some are similar to what you listed was just looking for a idea on price point
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 Great ideas 👏👏 As in all special events there is no such thing as a price point. What can spend and the level of thoughtfulness is all you need to worry about :)
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 Op of this thread: I’d say focus more on the sentiment of the gift rather than the price. But if you insist on a price point, I think $200 is a safe number (you could purchase one good item or a collection of things to add up). Trust me when you become first time parents anything received is appreciated because as you know the bub itself is the greatest gift of all...everything else is just THINGS!
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You buy whatever you want and spend as much as you want. I have bought my hubby anything and everything from a mug with photos of the kids and some choccies to $350 pair of sunglasses...
I usually just listen to what he is asking for or wants around that time and just get that. Our kids are between 7-17 so I toss them some money and they go to the shops and each get something small for him. So I get a present for being a great dad to our kids and they get him little things to celebrate the day :)

We go out for dinner and she gives him the gift they make from school. He loves it.

So spend as much or as little as you like OP!

 That's sweet 💜
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My kids give what they made at kindy or bought from the school father's/mother's day stall.

They're so excited & proud to hand over what they made or chose themselves it'd be like saying it's not good enough if I bought something else. I might add a block of DH's favorite chocolate 'from me'.

We've gotten some really weird stuff. Half the time DS7 asks us what it is (that he bought from the stall). Lol.

 Lol thanks our little one is less then a week old lol so no arts and craft ect just yet
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 Yes but it doesn't have to be expensive is my point. A photo, a treat he likes - food or something he loves but doesn't buy for himself. Plus spend time together free of the normal routine.

These father's/mother's days are over commercialised & it's not about the gifts but showing appreciation.

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 Thanks I still would like to know to help me in knowing how much to spend on his dad just to give me a idea
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A photo of him and bubz for his desk at work?

 Thanks unfortunately he doesn’t have a desk and I was asking how much to spend not what to get hombre
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I bought a book called 'why I love my daddy' so he could read it to bub. On mother's day I was given the matching 'why I love my mummy' lol. Now or eldest is in preschool so he'll get whatever he brings home 😁

Depends on how money is for us. Last year we were struggling so for mothers day I got a block of chocolate, a stubby holder and a teddy bear and he got a key ring and an engraved beer glass (about $30) each. This year I got slippers, pajamas, a new dressing gown, chocolate, a tea pot and a bunch of face masks which all up was about $200. He's getting a new tackle box and a few other bits and pieces which cost me about the same. Our kids are 3, 5 and 8 so we take them shopping, give them a limit and heavily give suggestions 😂. Don't ask me what years before that were, I forget lol. We don't go over the top, just sort of stuff that the other looks at but won't actually buy for themselves