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Where is the duty of care ?

Why do family members let their elderly dementia parents use computer ?

An 83 year old dementia woman bought a car online


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Predators like that car salesman should be lined up and shot. He knew exactly what he was doing.
The oldies don't need to go on a computer or leave the house to be scammed. Many thieves deliberately target them at home.

The gangs of Irish and Islander "tradesmen" who worked their way around parts of Australia for years, scammed thousands off elderly people, are a classic example. They were saying things like "your tiles are broken on your roof and you will get a bad leak", or "your drive is falling apart and needs resealing", get them to hand over a lot of money, and then either don't do the work, or do a deliberately crap job. And they head overseas as soon as they are on the verge of being caught.

There is a real balance between protecting the elderly, and removing all their rights (so they can t do anything, therefore cant get into trouble).

In many countries crimes against the elderly or infirm, are punished more heavily than the same crime against the physically and mentally fit. It should be the same here. There is a massive scam industry, run from overseas, deliberately targeting elderly people who are known to have financial assets. It affects the person themselves and their families, and the Australian taxpayer if a self funded retiree loses everything and has to go on the pension.

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 My late nana was told by mechanic she needs new engine soon and cost $4500 and she paid the money and we told her she could have purchased a second hand car and the engine wasn’t replaced
Nothing wrong with it

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Under the legislation that can be easily overturned and resolved she in not sound of mind. Surely she would have a relative with power of attorney this is easily proved and dissolved

Why do people let their garden gnomes use a computer. A gnome bought a lawnmower online.

I didn't even know you could buy a car online

 You order it and sign paperwork at your house
Car is delivered to you

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