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Chicken in sauce in the slow cooker

Hi folks, I want to cook some curry in the slow cooker, but I'm not sure if I need to seal the chicken first (so there's no raw bits touching the sauce) or maybe even cook it fully. It'll be on low for 8 hours can I put the raw breast meat in there or will it grow the bacteria in the sauce and make us sick? I hope this makes sense. I want the chicken to really absorb the curry sauce and also be melt in your mouth tender. Any insight would be great, thanks!


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It's all going to cook through & be safe, just don't ever put in frozen meat. Some older recipes say you can put it in frozen, especially whole chickens - that's not ok.

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I never brown/seal meat. The whole idea of the slow cooker for me is to save time lol so I just chop and throw everything in. I've used a variety of meats, veges and sauces and never had any issues with anyone getting sick.

 Also, I just follow the recipe. So far I haven't come across any that tell me to do that.
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I always brown the meat first. Not because of worry of bacteria or anything, it just helps retain the flavour. I once didn’t and I could really tell the difference. Worth spending 5 minutes browning first.

Browning the meat is worthwhile if you are not putting in a packet or jar sauce, as it brings out the flavour of the meat.

I never bother browning meat when I use a slow cooker. The temperature will be high enough to cook the meat and kill bacteria.

I always brown meat when using the slow cooker. I brown the meat then cook the curry paste until it's fragrant. Then I add any other vegies and the liquid.

Putting raw chicken in there is fine as ot will all cook and kill any bacteria

Nah i do chicken all the time just make sure its thawed and cooks for long enough