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Racism question

Does anyone feel they have to prove they're not a racist. As a white person i feel people automatically assume I'm a racist and so I have to say and do things to prove I'm not.


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No. I've never had anyone openly accuse me of racism. So it's not something I feel I need to prove. People can think what they like, they will no matter what you do. I know the kind of person I am, and I'm not ashamed of it.

Are you a Queenslander? If so, you can safely assume the rest of the country mentally adds 'red neck'. Yes, in that case, you may have to prove otherwise!

 How are queenslanders rednecks?
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 Hahaha I just moved to Queensland and this made me laugh! What is it with the bogans up here! It's like migration or something 😂
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 Because bogans from all the other states move to qld. We get all the garbage because we are to nice to say piss off.
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 ^lol oh yeah 😂😂
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 Queenslanders are the most racist in the country, you only need to look at Fraser Annings hate page to see that. Oh and Pauline Hanson.
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Not at all? Maybe you are saying things that you aren't even noticing. Sounds a bit strange

Nope. I treat everyone the same, if someone calls me racist for that it says more about them making labels than me not giving someone special treatment because of their race.

Yeah it can be pretty tough being a white person, hope you get some help with your problem 🙄😂 From a fellow whitey #whitepeopleproblems

I have worked with many aboriginal youth in communities where they HATED white people so much, and were incredibly challenging to work with.
For a while after this I started to feel that I was racist. It took me a while to tell myself I was angry at them for their treatment of me, not because of their cultural identity. But it was easy for a while to group them both together Eg they are bad people and they are black.
Same as what those kids were thinking "had bad experience with white person who treated me bad, therefore all white people are bad". Rather than it being the individual