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Have you ever taken part in a seance?


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when I was 18 I used a ouija board. I was with family just watching at first. My younger cousin and I thought it was Bullshit and that the oldies were moving the glass. They walked away when they were done so my cousin and I tested it out. We asked a question and the glass moved with real force and was spelling out answers. My cousin freaked and accused me of trying to scare her. She let go but the glass continued to move with just my hand on it. I had to drive my mum to work that night and no one would come with me. I was terrified the whole drive. I thought someone would jump out of the back seat at me. Never did it again.

When i was about 13... it was pretty freaky, I quickly accused my best friend of moving but she denied it... i think i stopped pretty quickly after that

God No. It'll be my luck that I summon Ted Bundy instead of Elvis. Not worth the risk 😂

Never mess with that shit. You'll open a portal and you never know what you're letting in 😱