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How much is your hairdryer ?


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$289 husband got a GHD one I think it’s a waste of money I still have my Kmart one from 16 years ago that I got as a teenager and it works best

Bought one yesterday at bigW for $20. Had to replace my 20 year old one that died last week. Don't use it often tnough

I have one of those blow dry brushes and I paid $30 from wish. Best thing ever!

 I’ve always wondered if those things work!!
Are they actually worth it, do they dry your hair straight or just dry it smoother..

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 I love mine!!!! But I have naturally straight hair. But it gives me volume like an actual blow wave would and it dried my hair super quick! I can have it all dried and styled within 15 mins. Worth it for me.
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 When you say straight, do you mean, dead straight? Or like straight with a wave?
I wouldn’t classify my hair straight not wavy, it’s straight with waves or if I dry with a hair brush it’s mainly straight. I’m worried this might work amazing for you but not for me! If it’s only $30 though might be a nice little Xmas present to myself 😍

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 My hair is dead straight. Not a link insight but gives me good volume.
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 I have wavy hair and mine blow dries straight with the blow dry brush (the one that rotates).
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I don't have one

 Me either. I live in queensland. I wash my hair and it’s dry in a hour. No need for a hairdryer.
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 I never used one when I had short pixie haircut. There was no need. Some people have the kind of hair that when it dries naturally it looks good. When my hair is long , I’m not one of those people. Not washing your hair is feral. Maybe you’re confused.
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 I wrote the comment about living in queensland. I wash mine, and when it’s dry I straighten it. That is me styling it. 99% of the time my hair is in a bun for Work or in a ponytail because it’s to hot to wear it down.
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 I don't have one either 😂
I thought heat was bad for your hair anyway

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 I have curly hair, no need for hair dryer, would make frizzy mess
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No idea, probably $30. I only have one as my mil bought it for me there is one for her to use when she visits.


 Wow. I think my first car cost that 😂😘
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 What year ?
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