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Celebrities on social media

I have a friend who follows celebrities on instagram, liking and commenting on their posts. Of course the celebs don't respond but my friend seems to think it's like a personal relationship. Not judging but I'd like to know why someone might do this. I couldn't see the point. I follow 60 people and I know every single one and they know me


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I follow heaps of people or pages that I don't know. I think that's what instagram is for, just looking a lots of different pictures, kinda like a magazine. I follow lots of architecture, garden and food pages. I don't like or comment though, I just look

How is it affecting you? And don't say your not judging because you are. You've thought about her actions so much you've decided to write this post. Just let her do her. She obviously get some enjoyment out of it. Let people be their wacky weird selves.

 The OP didn't say it affects her. She's asking why people do it. Maybe she's trying to see what makes people tick. Read the question properly before YOU judge
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 Get off your high horse responder. You're judging the op yourself
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 Too late. OP already said she's not judging 😂
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^this 👍 The OP is not judging. She's simply asking people's opinions. The first responder is reading too much into it

That's the goal of the celebrity social media presence. If a person thinks they have a connection they'll be loyal, seeing their movies, buying products they endorse etc. then the celebrity keeps their star & earning power. Their public image is a product. It's about as real as paid 'influencer' posts.
I prefer to follow people I know. I actually care what they're doing!!

I work with a lady like this 😂 she's such a ditz tho

Sometimes celebrities do see the posts on their social media and maybe your friend is just hoping the celebrity m, or the person who maintains their account (surprising how many people dont realise that many celebrities have someone acting in their behalf) will like or comment on their post out of the thousands of comments from other fans.