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It’s my birthday today

I finally have a day off on my birthday and my children are at school. What can I do that would be budget friendly and enjoyable alone?


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Happy Birthday!
Today (22/7) is a popular day to be born - I have 5 people in my social circle that are celebrating today!
Hope you have a wonderful day xx

 Maybe she is one of them 😊
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 My friends birthday today too.
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 And I think it’s Prince George’s too??
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I would go to Coles get some nice bits and pieces go home hand a nice sandwich or lunch and sit back and enjoy some quiet tv while I ate.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! well I think a movie would be absolutely divine but I guess it depends what your idea of fun is. A hot bath and a good book? A walk on the beach, lunch at a restaurant with a glass of wine?
Manicure and pedicure, massage? Options are endless.
If it was me and I lived near a beach I’d probably take a stroll along the beach, and then head for a massage or mani & pedi but that’s just me.
Have an awesome day!!!!

Movie, walk on the beach, walking in a mall (without kids asking for shit!), home facial or spa, long bath with music, good book etc..

 She’s on a budget
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 Nothing about that is expensive???
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 $80 is expensive for some people
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Go for a walk in a beautiful place, call your family and thank your mum for the day, make sure there is cake!

 Maybe her mum and family are working
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OP Thank you. I did and we are going out to dinner tonight. My mum is great.
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Answered by OP

Hello everyone, thank you all for the birthday wishes xx. I decided to treat myself to a manicure and a stroll on the beach like suggested. There were so many great suggestions. Thank you all.

Happy, happy, happy birthday! Could your budget stretch to allow for a manicure? if not, why not get a take away coffee and go for a walk through a beautiful park or even the beach (depending on your location?) Whatever you do I hope you have a wonderful day x

 Take away coffee for me a school run ritual
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Not trolley by, but masterbate. It's cheap, fu****g fun, and enjoyable. The rush to your skin will make you have that naughty glow.
Happy birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day!

What’s the budget ?

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OP Wow someone guessed right, it was $50
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How old are you ?

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OP I wish I was 21 again 😂 I’m 29
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