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How to ask a single dad out on a date?

I was thinking of writing a card and saying-hey from one single parent to another, would you like to catch up for coffee. Here is my number. Text me.....

any advice ladies.....i am so nervous and not sure how to go about please!!


Answers (2)

Writing a card seems the kind of thing my 5 year would do. Just ask him to grab a coffee with you. Better not to involve the kids if you auctually want to date him

Probably just strike up a conversation with him and then casually drop it "haha yeah, it's a great show... hey, are you free tomorrow? Do you want to go get coffee?"
Personally I'd try and make it seem like it wasn't a date, just a couple of friends catching up and letting their kids play. But that's just the way I do things. Then I make a move when the moment feels right. Like after I get coffee I always have to walk around for a while, so I might maybe hold his hand while we walk or point out how beautiful the view is from here, and smile and make cute eyes at him.