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Cancer test

My mum had breast cancer twice & she survived. My husbands been on at me to get that test (idk what it's called) where they can tell you if you're predisposed to cancer or not. I actually don't want to know because I'll just worry about it & who's that going to help. What would you do?


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Get it. It could save your life. A friend of mine is alive today because of it.

 How will it save my life?
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 Because if you have the predisposition they will give you regular mammograms and what not. The earlier you see cancer, the much better chance or survival you have.
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 How did getting the test find out its in their genetics stop them from getting cancer?
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 My friend still got cancer. He almost died. Had it not been caught so early he would be dead today. Only because he knew of his predisposition was he getting regular checks. And it was caught before he started showing any symptoms. As I said, catching it early means a far better outcome.
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Isn’t that test incredibly expensive?

 Is it?
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