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Wedding or birthday?

I turn 30 on Saturday, my friends have had a restaurant booked for dinner, then planned to go to a pub. I was so excited as it's the first time I have had a big celebration (no 18th or 21st). A few weeks ago my sister informed me she is getting married that day so I need to cancel my plans. Apparently it's the only date they could do as her fiance has family coming over from overseas. If I change my birthday dinner there isn't a date all my friends are all able to do, so it probably won't happen. I'm not close to my sister so I was thinking of going to the ceremony then skipping the reception?


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I wouldn’t skip your sister’s wedding even if you aren’t that close. Couldn’t you celebrate your birthday with a dinner on another night either the week before or in the weeks afterwards? Otherwise, just choose a date that suits most of your friends and accept that some people may not be able to make it. I’m sorry to say this but I think you are being unreasonable - it’s your siblings wedding for heavens sake! Wedding trumps a 30th birthday in my book.

Lets be honest it's probably your sister's first marriage anyway. Party on.

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Thanks!! I have told my friends I will be at the party. It has been planned for four months the wedding was very last minute. I did initially tell my sister I had plans so wouldn't go, but she just laughed.

 Wow she laughed....yes definitely do your birthday ✌
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Going to the ceremony but not the reception is a good compromise. You'll be there for the main event & any family photos that are taken. She probably won't even know you're missing at the reception with all the stuff going on. Enjoy your birthday

I'd go to the ceremony and skip the reception. If your sister complains, remind her that she will still have a great time without you there. Maybe you can take her out to dinner another time to celebrate.

Attend the ceremony, then go out with your friends. From the sounds of it she didn’t give you much notice anyway, unless you plan your birthday months/years in advance.

Go to the wedding, I think you know this is the right thing to do. Otherwise, why even post?

Do your birthday! I'd attend the ceremony but skip the reception.