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Hubby is restoring

Answered 9 months ago

My husband has been restoring his foreskin and there’s been a huge change in our sex life. It has been a little over 2 years but now it looks like a completely different penis. Our sex life has been better once there was progress and I’m just as glad as he is. Has anyone else’s hubby restored their foreskin?

  • Yes, he has/is restoring

  • No, he is circumcised

  • No, he has a natural foreskin


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9 months ago
Just love being circumcised since 2014

11 months ago
I don’t even know what this is...


11 months ago
"Restoring" is stretching the remnants of the foreskin so that over time the skin becomes looser and looser, to in effect regrow the foreskin. It can never be the same as the original foreskin, of course, but apparently it restores some of the functions (like gliding).

11 months ago
I grew up wishing I was circumcised (like pretty much all my friends were) and finally had it done when I was in my 20s (now mid-40s). I love being free of my foreskin, which I'd always hated. Sex is better for me, I like the look and feel more now, and I generally feel more confident in my body.

So it's interesting to hear about someone who was circumcised (presumably as an infant) who is now restoring what was taken away from them as a baby.

Growing up, I always wished that my parents had had me "done" when I was born, but with the benefit of hindsight I'm glad I had the choice. Who knows, if I'd been done as a baby perhaps I would have wished for my foreskin back, like your husband.

I'm against infant circumcision except if medically required.

I think your husband's experience and mine demonstrate that it's not something that should be imposed on a baby who doesn't have a say in it. I had the choice to have my foreskin removed, while unfortunately your husband did not and now has to "restore" by stretching the remnants of his foreskin, which can never be the same as what he lost when his parents had him circumcised.

I am sure they thought they were doing the right thing and I hope he doesn't resent them for their choice.

FWIW, my partner has a preference for circumcision so is glad I'd had it done when we met :-)