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What to bring

Can anyone give me some ideas of what to bring for a "plate to share" at a BBQ. The host had asked everyone to bring a salad or dessert to share (potato salad and garden salad and all meat are taken care of)
I'm so tired from kids that don't sleep I can't come up with any ideas


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Cob loaf dip. Always a winner 👌

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I make brownies from the boxed mix. Instead of water I use chocolate milk, same amount and bake as directed. Make a double batch because they are so luscious and yummy.

  Brownies are my go to for bring a plate dessert too. Aldi or Greens pkt mixes are great, I add 1/2 choc chips. Take a tub of nice vanilla ice cream or dollop cream and you are on a winner! So easy and yum for adults and kids alike.
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 I tried this chocolate milk thing because I had a mix and had to know. You changed my life. I accidentally ate the whole pan before anyone got one 🐷
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Grab mud cake from woolies and pasta salad from woolies

Try something sweet.
Most people tend to bring a salad.
Just make a simple slice (plenty on this website or Google).

I tend to make caramel slice.
Last time I made it for a party, it was gone within 5 minutes.
Salad bowls were still mostly full.

I made jelly slice the other day. Was super easy 😄 just google a recipe, cant say i actually liked it but everyone else did lol! Cob loaf, garlic bread, box of favourites (you know the ad) 😁

Pizza salad. I use a
box of tri-color pasta (cooked as directed)
Cubed pepperoni or salami, mozzarella or provolone, and Italian ham
A tin of diced tomatoes (drained)
Bottle of Italian salad dressing.
Toss and serve chilled

500g tub of full fat ricotta,
Half a cup of icing sugar,
1 tspn. vanilla,
Packet of chocolate chips,
And a packet of biscotti for dipping in it.

Buy a double pack of unfilled sponge cakes, fill it with jam, whip up some cream and pipe it between the two cakes. Top with sifted icing sugar. Tell everyone it's homemade 😉

I normally order a couple oflarge sushi platters. Easy and always a hit!

Tin of beetroot

 Yep that's a good idea
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Buy tortellini, cook as directed and rinse well (so it doesn't go all grungy and gross) and let cool
Add tin corn, diced capsicum, olives, tin pineapple and whatever dressing you like. Greek is good.

 Or thousand island dressing
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Wombok salad. Just the recipe on the back of the crispy noodles pack. Guaranteed winner every time!

 Love this salad. Except you can't make it up before hand. Will go soggy and gross. If you have the elements ready can make up when you are there .
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 I quite like it soggy!!!!
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Dips with veggies/crackers. A cheese platter. A couple of packets of chips (but make sure they're the "fancier" ones)

 Yep the aldi brand grainwaves always go down well ;-)
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