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Ladies I would like some feedback from those of you who are 166cm tall where is your happy weight, I have lost a lot of weight so far but still got some to loose.

I have done the whole BMI calculator but with such a large range would like to hear some feedback to give me a better idea, ps I have extremely large boobs and always have son even though I have lost weight they have stayed the same


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The BMI calculator isn't the best judgement of an individual's health. Please don't base your life choices on it.

To answer your question, in a magical world I'd be happy to go back to being 65-70 kg like I was in my mid 20s and pre-kids, but it's just not happening. I'm in my early 30s and can't seem to get below 83 kg, which I've mostly made peace with. I don't want my kids (2 girls) to grow up thinking that a negative body image is the default, and that hating my body and trying to diet and shrink myself is the goal as a woman. My body works, it walks and swims and plays, it cuddles and dances, it's a good body. That's more important to me than whether I've cracked the 80 kg mark.

 Check your thyroid
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 Thanks, I've had my thyroid checked a few times over the years as my mum's has thyroid issues and so far nothing has come up. But I'll keep it in mind.
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 I swear I could have written this comment. I on the other hand do have thyroid issues and take daily medication to balance out my thyroid levels but even so, can't get below 80kg - I sit anywhere between 82 - 86 on any given day. Very frustrating.
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I'm 166cm and feel most comfortable around the 60kgs mark. I currently am sitting around 79 and it sucks. But I'm working on that and hope to reach the low 60s by this time next year.

 Good luck on your journey x
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 Good on you for setting a realistic time frame. Good luck.
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I am 21
170 cm

 Sounds like you need to get your bra size re-measured. At 170 cm tall and 60 kg your band size shouldn't be 18. Go to a place that only sells bras/intimates and ask them for a fitting :) You don't have to buy, you can tell them you'll think about it, if you want to.
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I’m 155cm and after babies settled at 50kg. Over the last year I’ve gained 8kg which doesn’t sound a lot but on my short body it’s really noticeable. I’m still in the healthy range but I felt so much better at 50kgs. Will only gain more as I have Hashimotos so my metabolism isn’t really great anymore.

Im 164cms
Im happy
Size 10-12

 Thanks for the feedback because according to the BMI calculator I could go as low as 51 as high as 69 for me I felt 51 was to small so was hoping for advice
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 Never followed BMI
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I'm 164 and my happy weight is 55kgs. We don't hold weight well. I'm 60kgs now and had a few "are you pregnant?" Comments. We (mum and sisters) all can't carry alot of weight.

I’m 67 and my happy weight was 70-80 kgs, I’m passed that years ago unfortunately 😭

I’m 167. Currently 81kgs but would like to be 70.
I also have big boobs