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Coles brand pregnancy tests

Has anyone used them? Are they reliable?


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Has anyone’s test come back and the positive line is going like this — |

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Thanks for everyone's replies. I got a positive on the coles brand ones a week before my period was due, so I did the other 2 from the pack and they are all positive. So I thought I'd check with the clear blue with weeks indicator and got 2-3 weeks. Is that possible? It's only just been 3 weeks since day 1 of my period. The weeks on the test are supposed to be time from conception.

 You may have ovulated very early in your cycle this time. It does happen.
Congratulations :)

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 You are due in May
Are you having a girl or boy ?

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 I'm due in April and having a little boy 😍
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I had a problem with these test. I was three days late and took one test which came up negative. The next day I still did not hit my cycle so I tested again... this time a faint positive. (So faint that you could mistaken for a negative) a few hours Later I took the last test and it came up negative. Two days went by and still no period.

I bought First Response and it came up with a clear positive.

Coles early detection are no worth the "cheap price". Spend an extra pretty penny for something that will read accurately.

I am so confused haha. I took three tests on at 16 dpo the faintest positive. Then 17 dpo negative and 18 dpo negative. Got my bloods today and infact I’m pregnant. I didn’t get my numbers but I assumed I was having a chemical or m/c. Could still be the case but let’s hope not.

 I’ve tested on exactly the same days dpo. All negative. I’m praying they are wrong. Now to get bloods. I hope I have the same result as you.
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So all the mums who tested positive off coles brand preg test were they faint pink lines or dark and clear ? I just tested pos but very very faint

 Was faint initially but got a bit darker. Was never a solid dark line and I'm now 6 months pregnant
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I tried a Coles pregnancy test 3 days after the date my period was due. I tested negative. 5 days after my period was due, I tested with Clear Test (which I think is a generic brand) and Clear Blue and both tested positive. Clear Test instructions were not very clear and, given the conflicting test results, I bought Clear Blue. This is my first time using pregnancy tests (so possibly I tested too early with the Coles test), but this experience means next time I will buy a reputable brand, rather than a cheaper/generic option.

They definitely work! Got BFP x 2 and a heep of pregnancy symptoms!

Check the sensitivity. First response can be done before your period is due because they detect smaller amounts of HCG. Some other brands can’t detect the HCG until you’ve missed a period. At that point your HCG levels are higher.

I got faint lines with n hcg of 34. I like the Coles tests! They are cheap and worked well for me.

My friend got me onto these. I used them when my fertility2family were out of stock. Turns out there the same brand :/ but f2f is 10miu and Coles is 25miu.

To be honest, most of the pee stick kind are all the same.

OP In theory, but there was something about some brands being pulled from shelves for being faulty
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 One cheap brand from priceline is utter crap. cant remember the name sorry but it didnt give any result at all! . In theory they should all work.
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I've used 2/3 so far and both were VERY faint positives. I tested at 10 and 11dpo. I'm also using the cheap strips which have all been negative so far, so I'm really not sure what to think. I won't know more until later on, though my clinic has told me to test in 5 days. I'll update again when I have a clear answer.

 What was the results?
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I used one roughly 3 days prior to my expected period. A faint, but solidly noticeable, line. Unfortunately we miscarried but will happily use them again against the expansive brands in the future. Never had a invalid one either.