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Coles brand pregnancy tests

Has anyone used them? Are they reliable?


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Has anyone’s test come back and the positive line is going like this — |

 Did you end up being pregnant? Mine was like this.
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 Whats the result?
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 Also curious as my results have been the same
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 Was anyone’s confirmed positive after that??
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Has anyone had a faint positive with coles brand and it turned out to be negative/just an evap line?
I got a very faint line and am wondering if it could be my bfp or just a false alarm?

So all the mums who tested positive off coles brand preg test were they faint pink lines or dark and clear ? I just tested pos but very very faint

 Was faint initially but got a bit darker. Was never a solid dark line and I'm now 6 months pregnant
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I tried a Coles pregnancy test 3 days after the date my period was due. I tested negative. 5 days after my period was due, I tested with Clear Test (which I think is a generic brand) and Clear Blue and both tested positive. Clear Test instructions were not very clear and, given the conflicting test results, I bought Clear Blue. This is my first time using pregnancy tests (so possibly I tested too early with the Coles test), but this experience means next time I will buy a reputable brand, rather than a cheaper/generic option.

 Had exactly the same experience. 2 pregnancies in a row, I've tested with Coles well after my missed period and they both showed up negative when other brands showed a clear positive. The sensitivity of the Coles tests must be ridiculously low.
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I got faint lines with n hcg of 34. I like the Coles tests! They are cheap and worked well for me.

I am so confused haha. I took three tests on at 16 dpo the faintest positive. Then 17 dpo negative and 18 dpo negative. Got my bloods today and infact I’m pregnant. I didn’t get my numbers but I assumed I was having a chemical or m/c. Could still be the case but let’s hope not.

 I’ve tested on exactly the same days dpo. All negative. I’m praying they are wrong. Now to get bloods. I hope I have the same result as you.
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what means positive

 two lines - I I
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Check the sensitivity. First response can be done before your period is due because they detect smaller amounts of HCG. Some other brands can’t detect the HCG until you’ve missed a period. At that point your HCG levels are higher.

I used a supermarket test cam back positive, hard decision but terminated the pregnancy so it was reliable

I had a problem with these test. I was three days late and took one test which came up negative. The next day I still did not hit my cycle so I tested again... this time a faint positive. (So faint that you could mistaken for a negative) a few hours Later I took the last test and it came up negative. Two days went by and still no period.

I bought First Response and it came up with a clear positive.

Coles early detection are no worth the "cheap price". Spend an extra pretty penny for something that will read accurately.

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Thanks for everyone's replies. I got a positive on the coles brand ones a week before my period was due, so I did the other 2 from the pack and they are all positive. So I thought I'd check with the clear blue with weeks indicator and got 2-3 weeks. Is that possible? It's only just been 3 weeks since day 1 of my period. The weeks on the test are supposed to be time from conception.

 You may have ovulated very early in your cycle this time. It does happen.
Congratulations :)

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 You are due in May
Are you having a girl or boy ?

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 I'm due in April and having a little boy 😍
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Used then they're fine

OP Thanks ☺
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I'm a day overdue for my period, tested with Coles early detection test and both test came back positive.