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To the trolls of this site

Remember these things before you troll.

1. A mum or dad, a woman or man may be in desperate need of help.

2. Trolling may be funny to you but detrimental to someone else

3. You may be pushing someone to the edge or offending someone else.

4. We are raising the next generation. Let's try our best. Let's make our kids better than ourselves.

Please before you troll think about other people. What they are going through, what the consequences could be.
Our kids need us to lead a better way of life, especially since social media is so prevalent.

Do you want to be responsible for pushing someone so far? Everyone has their limits, let's be respectful.
Let's path the way to support, equality and most importantly a non judgemental site where women and men can come for advice.


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Trolls are silly. I'd love to know your story though, three line troll with fertile bogan, sentence- structure issues. Daddy issues? Not all right up there? Do share! It's anonymous after all!

 I want to know if she is three line troll with Sister In Law issues, I bet they're the same person.
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 They're al the same person. Catfish style I bet. She's grossly overweight, buck tooth,'doesn't shower and binges on McDonald's.
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 Where do the trolls get these nicknames from?
The only troll I've noticed and know is the same person is the 'its all in your head' lady. I don't think I've seen the others, or I haven't taken notice of them.

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 3 line troll is the one that starts a post that sounds legit but alwaysvhas a nasty comment at the kast line. She used to always do it in 3 lines but started writing longer posts to avoid being detected
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While I agree with 98% we are never “responsible” for “pushing someone too far” if you’re implying self harm or the likes of.
While you shouldn’t be an asshole , at the end of the day personal responsibility takes over.

When I read these sort of posts I feel like saying 'get off the internet amd make those changes in the real world!'

 Maybe people try
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