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Do you feel comfortable cooking and eating when a tradesman is at your house ?


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You lot make tradesmen sounds like a bunch of disease ridden ogres.
I will offer beverages but not food.
They are humans you guys, calm down

 Pipe down on the drama numbnuts.
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If they are here for a while I’ll offer them drinks. If it’s a job that takes less than an hour or so then I won’t. If it’s a super hot day I’ll offer water no matter how long they are here. I’d never say no to someone who asked to use the toilet. That is just mean.

And no I’ve no problem cooking and eating, especially if they are here all day.

I feel perfectly comfortable cooking while tradies are around, especially if they’re there around meal times. If I know they’ll be there around dinner I try and be organised and cook something simple or have something I just need to chuck in the oven or reheat so I’m not spending hours in the kitchen.
Once we had an electrician doing some work that ran over our usual dinner time. Hubby went and bought takeout and we sat and had a picnic by torch light on the lounge room floor while the electrician continued working around us.

My hubby is a tradie and they really don't care what you do when they're there. He does comment sometimes that the customer made coffee and didn't offer him one, but he's (half) joking.
When tradies come to our house I always offer them a coffee straight away, let them know they're free to use the fridge/microwave for their lunch if they need, and show them where the toilet is. Then just get out of their way and let them get on with it.

 Imagine curry smell
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I offer them nothing. My customers don't give me food or drinks or let me defile their toilet so why would this situation be any different? I'm not paying ridiculous prices just to provide every bloody hospitality to them. F**k that man.

 Are you a hooker ?
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  Get a life you absolute moron. I work in customer service. Absolute numpty. Can't believe you bothered rewriting your pathetic comment.
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 Op of this comment. People like you need to disappear
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 'Defile' your toilet haha like it's a sacred shrine or something.

Lady, everybody poops. Your waste is exactly the same amount germy and gross as theirs is.

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We’ve had tradies in and out of our house for the last 6 weeks. I have felt uncomfortable at all while they’ve been at our house.

 I feel I have to offer them food especially pizza
I do offer them a hot drink or cool drink
Luckily we have 3 toilets and when they finish using the toilet I put on gloves and disinfect toilet with bleach

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 The tradies we’ve had in have all been really good. It’s a small family company, the same 2 guys here except for when the painting was getting done. They have all been polite and respectful.
I’ve never offered them food but I do let them know there is cold water bottles in the fridge in the garage if they need some cold water and that they can store their lunch there if needed. They’ve really been great and we are 2 weeks ahead of schedule for completion so that’s a bonus!

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 Whoops, original comment was supposed to say I haven’t felt uncomfortable at all.
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Usually they come when I finish work and I am stuffing my fat face

I’m fine cooking and eating. And I don’t mind them using the toilet but they NEVER wash their hands. One guy came to give me a quote for something. Was here for ten minutes and needed the loo. He didn’t wash his hands and came back in the room adjusting his balls and then wanted to shake my hand. Disgusting pig.

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Interesting question. I've never given it any thought until now. I've never cooked with one around but if I know one is coming, I'll make sure I've finished whatever meal I'm having.

 If tradie is there 9 to 3 you have to eat lunch
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Nope. I will offer food and drinks and have a polite chat but other than that I just let them go about their business and I go about mine. Growing up around tradies they honestly don't care what you do as long as you aren't in their road or watching over them like hawks.

 Sorry my dumb a*s just came back and read what I wrote. I meant "nope, I feel perfectly fine eating while I have tradies working in my house." 😂.

It's been a long day lol

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