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how can I help her?

My best friend of 15 years + has just had her baby diagnosed with cancer. I live in a different state and can’t get to her just yet, I hope to get there in a couple of weekend though.
Would sending a care package be appropriate? Or has any one ideas how I can help while being so far away?


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I saw a question posted recently on my local community group on Facebook. One of the best suggestions on there was a pass for hospital parking. It’s practical and one less thing for them to worry about if they are coming and going a lot.

It must be awful being so far away. If you can afford it I would do a meal service, or cleaner or gardener so it’s one less thing she has to worry about.

Close friends daughter died. She said messages everyday helped. Just people checking in. Showing support/love. But it’s probably such a hard thing as people would probably not all want the same thing....

All the best to your friend and as for yourself, you sound pretty amazing 💕

That's so hard. I suppose being at the other end of the phone no matter what time of day?
As time goes on, she may need help with some financial stuff if she has a long time off work. I'm not a big fan of Go Fund Me, but often friends organise some sort of fundraising if it comes to it.
I don't know what could possibly go in a care package - what about Lite N Easy frozen dinners or one of those dinner services?
I think you'll get a better read on the situation once you visit too.
All the best thoughts for the little one x

Messages, maybe get some essential groceries and ready meals delivered