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What would you do?

If your child continually came home with head lice? Atleast once a week for four/five weeks. What would you say to the school?


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Maybe youre not killing all the eggs hence why they come back so often?

 Was thinking the same thing if they are coming back weekly, they have about a 7 day cycle i believe which means any eggs that have been missed would be hatching and growing into adults by then.
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OP Doctor checks her and she's always been rid of eggs before she gets reinfected.
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OP And it's a ten day cycle but thankyou.
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If your child is a girl. Cut her hair or keep it tightly braided. If your child is a boy keep the hair cut short.
Wash their school hat, use a preventative spray.
The school can only do so much it's up to parents to keep treating and maintains the hair. Some parents just don't give a shit and that's awful.
Our school sends letters, sometimes weekly to inform parents of an outbreak so you have to be vigilant.

OP I have done all that but I don't see why my child who has spent years growing hair should have it all cut off. She can still get them with hair an inch long, does that mean I should shave it?
My point is that schools have a duty to each child and surely after this amount of time and warning I should be able to say enough and I want more done. A letter doesn't mean crap.

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 What do you want the school to do? Do you want the teachers to do nightly visits to the students houses and do a treatment?
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 Well then you address the issue with the principle. See what other actions can be done.
Also tell your child not to share hats, have their head close to other children and maybe pack a spray so she can spray during breaks.
You may not be able to change other parents because lice is a fact of life unfortunately but you can prepare your daughter and make sure she is vigilant as well

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 The school can't do more - our children = our responsibility. I really feel for the kids that have an infestation and their parents don't care because it must be so awful for them!
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 When I was in school, the principal went around in the morning to check everyone's hair at one point because the outbreak was bad.. this sounds like a solution in this situation and I would address it with the principal personally because frankly that sounds just ridiculous. My children have never had lice. You can spray things in their hair can't you? Like particular oils or am I confused(tea tree comes to mind when I was overseas it was suggested perhaps). Goodluck
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 ^ I'm not sure teachers are allowed to do that these days.
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 Our school sends a note home with a section that must be returned the next day saying the hair as been checked and if found been treated.
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OP This is what I was asking for. It's actually perfectly legal for a school to try and find a culprit/s. The students can be checked.
I think the school should be checking.

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 I remember lining up at school with teachers checking hair. I dont think they are allowed to do it anymore. Probably helps spread it anyway and that poor teacher that has to check, they probably end up with lice
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 It would have to be with parent permission since a teacher touching a child is now not allowed leaglly. they can get in trouble for a hug while comforting a child, so i cant see them being allowed to go through each childs hair.
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My kids school and it seems to be most of the schools in Perth have a nitz blitz every few months, where volunteers check everychilds hair for headlice and nits but other than that all they can do is encourage hair hygiene. I know that if lice is detected, kids are sent home and not allowed back until they have started treatment.

OP THANKYOU!!! Rather than parents asking me what I want done, some ideas! Wow! Thankyou!
This is perfect and I'll be asking the principal about whether we can do this!

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 Lol op. Grow up. Women are taking time out of their day to help you. How about being more appreciative instead of obnoxious.
All YOU had to do was ring the school and ask what could be done. Don't come onto a site and undermine every answer

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 Right! LOL at you op. You sound like an entitled know it all and the problem is most likely you not treating your kid properly.
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OP How am I being a know it all when I'm asking for ideas? Continuously telling me I'm doing something wrong isn't overly helpful.
I know I'm not doing it wrong but thanks for your input!

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 You asked 'what would you do'... everyone is responding to that. You didn't mention anything about the treatment you follow so people are offering tips about that. Nits suck big time but it is a part of school life unfortunately.
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Do you report it every time you notice the lice/nits? It's important to keep treating until there are no eggs or you won't break the cycle and they will just keep appearing.

I feel your pain and frustration luckily I only have to deal with short hair though. My son has had it twice this term. I reported it each time. After the second time the teacher sent an email to parents as well as the letter. We have had none since then - touch wood! I use a preventative spray but I believe eucalyptus works just as well behind the ears and nape of neck.

I don't believe there is much the school can do as our children are our responsibility. But they should be encouraging healthy hair hygiene eg no hat sharing. I'd be washing her school hat regularly and tying her hair up tightly in a plait or braid and then up in a bun. Maybe see if you can find a shampoo/conditioner with eucalyptus as a main ingredient? Talk to the teacher about your concerns but keep in mind it isn't their job to treat headlice. Good luck.

 Agree with everything here, except the last sentence. In this particular situation I would personally feel that the school should step it up a bit, it isn't their job to treat it but to ensure it wasn't going around so much I think is necessary especially when this mother's child is missing probably a lot of school and it's affecting learning?
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 What do you think the school should be doing ?
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OP Well anything really! But a piece of paper does nothing. How about if your child comes to school everyday for a week with active headlice the parents get reported! Like cmon!
It's actually risking her health being treated so often and that's straight from her doctor.

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Are you doing the whole family? Here's what I did last time I couldn't get rid of the nits:
*comb hair with nit treatment - I used nitwits.
*wash out and dry hair with blow dryer, followed by straightening hair. This was done on everyone.
*my hair I threw a dye through it, simple way to get a lot of hair and then followed with nit treatment.
*every day for 2 weeks washed sheets in tea tree oil and hot water and put through the dryer.
*every day I would put through a mix of tea tree oil and conditioner straight after school, nit comb to get anything that could have got in there that day.
*every morning I put a spray I made through everyone's hair, it was a mix of tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus oils, conditioner and water.
*long hair braided, short hair packed with gel
*straighten hair every day.

After a month of having constant nits they disappeared. Only had them one time since and I did this straight away. I think it is that everyone is trying to treat the nits but they don't always come home with them on the same day so they end up keeping on going until that magical moment when everyone is finally aligns and everyone treats them on the same day.

OP thanks :-)
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 You're welcome. I know it makes it tough, it is a shitty routine to have to follow but unfortunately schools have their hands tied and nits just spread so easily. If there is a parent who isn't treating their child's hair properly too, there is so little you or the school can do about it and you just have to do what ever you can to keep them out of your home. I would love for hair checks and, if done descreetly, treatments profromed at school for the kids who get nothing done at home, sadly there are too many people who think that's "wrong" and would kick up a fuss about it.

Good luck getting rid of them.

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OP I agree I just don't understand why some kids have to suffer to the point their dr is saying enough. i know I'm treating them right and we have a leather couch and besides that I trust when her doc says I have done a good job but the continued catching is getting out of hand to the point she's being treated that often he's worried she'll get an infection in her scalp if she keeps having chemicals dumped on there, and yes I've done conditioner etc but nothing is working, everyday she goes back to school and everyday comes home again. Surely there's something the school can do!
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 It isn't fair on anyone. The kids whose parents do nothing would be so itchy and sore. It's not right that the schools have their hands tied and can't do anything.
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Try putting a leave in conditioner, detangling spray, or the tree oil on the hair before school each day. I know it seems counterintuitive, but wash hair every other day or even 2 days between. Lice love clean, healthy hair. A little build up of oil may deter them. Also, I would reach out to the school. Someone is not getting treated properly and re-infecting everyone. Lastly did you dip all the combs and brushes in boiling water or freeze them overnight? Have you hot water washed all bed linens, hat's, pillows and any removable cushion covers on your lounge? There are furniture sprays for beds, sofas, etc that cannot be washed. Vacuum thoroughly and change the bag or clean the cannister and clean or replace the filter. Lice, fleas, ants, ticks, etc dont die and can crawl back out once the machune os off. The eggs could be surviving in the house.

We had the same problem. Turns out it was my daughters best friend that kept reinfecting her. Had to limit play dates and sleepover parties, and talk about not hugging each other.
I found Nyda was the best treatment and not too harsh on her hair.

OP I'll try it thankyou
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You need to keep treating her hair. Have you tried using a straightener through it to kill all the eggs? You need to do it in very fine strips. I also use a water spray every morning with tea tree oil in it and we haven't had a lice problem in 2.5years.